The DevOps community: succeeding through affinity

One feature of the DevOps community that has been striking from the start is its community spirit. Perhaps in no other area of the development field can you witness experienced developers spending so much time with complete beginners, helping them to progress with their recipes and cookbooks.
Conferences and workshops have, similarly, been dominated by a highly collaborative feel. This is replicated in online forums, where all members of the community pitch in with fixes, hints and tips. All this helps to highlight the fact that this is a field for everyone to participate in.
As the Santa Clara based CHEF software expert Jennifer Davis and Katherine Daniels, chief software engineer at Etsy, have written in a recent book, what we see here is a group of enthusiasts and experts at all levels 'building a culture of collaborative affinity and tooling at scale'. In this work, Daniels and Davis argue that effective development only occurs when we are able to create an 'affinity' among the members of a team.
One of the many benefits of this is that a team that experiences such affinity is able to scale up their operations much more quickly and efficiently. Gone are the days of the lone programmer working away at new software: it's time to collaborate with CHEF!
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Working across industries

The versatility of DevOps is one key reason why it can be said to be 'for everyone'. It is used across numerous industries, including social media companies, online payment providers and ecommerce sites.
Christian Beedgen, CTO of Sumo Logic has argued that the flexibility of Dev0ps derives from the fact that it is 'not a thing' but rather a way of thinking: a philosophical way of thinking about development and business, and of solving problems.
It emphasises, in particular, te nedd to:
  • Heal misunderstandings
  • Break down hierarchy
  • Maintain healthy working relationships at all times
Anyone can adopt this way of thinking, and this means that Dev0ps is for everyone. 

The importance of building team affinity

The statement that 'Dev0ps is for everyone' should be taken not as a bland statement of fact but rather as a galvanising call to action. Experts in the field (not least Beedgen and Davis and Daniels) argue that it is so important for teams to recognise the need to create communication and affinity within teams as this maximised the efficiency of your operations.
Jobs are completed much more efficiently when everyone is on board, compared to when there is just a single person or a single team attempting to complete a task. This observation is not just limited to Dev0ps, of course: fostering good teamwork is a prerequisite of any type of organisational behavious.

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Key steps to adopt Devops on a Cloud-Native Company
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