The Digitalization of Modern Companies


We are currently living in the Digital Revolution. Just like we faced the Industrial Revolution many generations ago, we have again come upon a time of change that is guaranteed to permanently change the face of business at its most fundamental level. 

In this era of digital transformation, the key issue is to keep on top of your own digitalization process. There are more opportunities for businesses now than ever before and you need to make sure that you are in a position to take advantage of them. Remember, everyone has the same goals which mean that we are all ultimately in competition. 

If we cannot adapt, then we may end up being drowned by this digitalization wave. 

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Two Key Questions

To succeed we must have clear answers to two key questions. How will we manage this digital wave and how can we support those around us who are trying to do the same? 

Helping the competition may seem counterintuitive. However, we are treading new ground and no-one really knows what they are doing. We all stand the best chance of succeeding if we are able to connect people and data to form a new, better system.

This system needs to be centred around our customers. It is no longer enough to simply provide the products and services that already exist at a higher quality. Now we need to be able to innovate. 

The new technology brings a second benefit. We can now connect much more easily with our employees as well as our clients. Connecting in this way leads to a greater understanding. This means we are better able to help our employees who in turn provide a much higher quality of work. 


The process if digital transformation begins with processes. The way in which we innovate is by looking at our existing processes and then proceed to analyze, then rethink and adapt where necessary. Then, we must figure out how to use these new processes to deliver a seamless customer experience from their first interaction until we deliver their final product, and even beyond when we offer post-production support to ensure the customer is always happy. 

While doing this, we must also make things as simple as possible on behalf of our employees. We need to automate where possible but keeps things intuitive while still allowing the people who work for us to play to their strengths and use their imaginations to come up with creative solutions. 

Everything we have gone over needs to be properly supported. This means constructing a holistic enterprise architecture that is capable of covering all of the areas of the application. 

However, we must not focus on the technical aspects so much that we lose sight of the people that make it all possible. Any change to the business that takes place as a result of the digitalization process needs to involve all the relevant stakeholders at every stage. For the best chances, we must ensure that the changes are more than technical. They must also be cultural and every single person needs to be facing forwards with the same company image in mind.


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