Setting up Alexa Account Linking with Amazon Cognito

Alexa Skills are increasingly trying to provide more personalized user experience by offering information about your children's school hours, your electricity bill, etc. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to identify yourself in the Skill with a user and password through an external platform. To do so, Alexa offers Account Linking, which allows us to identify ourselves on our platform with Alexa using the OAuth2 authentication protocol. 

This authentication flow is simple on the user´s side, but can be complex for the developer. This is why we have thought it would be interesting to explain how to set up, following some simple steps, an authentication server and configure the Account Linking to be able to login in our platform when activating the Skill.

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Alexa Skills and how to develop one for Amazon Echo

By using one of the Amazon Echo products, the Alexa App installed on your phones or any third party device with Amazon Alexa Voice System on it, you can access to a variety of applications to use either at work or at home.

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New Amazon Alexa Skill: SM Educamos introduces voice assistance at school

The main priority for SM, an educational entity, has always been the generation of integrated solutions for the education ecosystem. With the firm intention of continuing this work and adapting to current times, SM has developed an innovative skill for the virtual voice assistant, Amazon Alexa. It can be used by Echo devices, it is totally free and is available to more than one million users linked to SM Educamos community.

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Goodbye mobile apps, hello voice assistants?


Digital voice assistants can play an important role in enhancing the customer experience in the digital economy. They can make a big difference in the way consumers relate with brands to the point where there are voices claiming that voice assistants can be the beginning of the end of mobile applications.


Download 5 Steps to optimize your SAP on AWS costs


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AWS DeepLens & Amazon Alexa: A Quick Insight into the AI-Developers Camera

DeepLens is the latest addition to Amazon’s list of AI-powered solutions. For starters, it is the developers’ version of Google Clips Camera, therefore more sophisticated. According to Amazon, this is the first video camera that can teach the basics of deep learning. 

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What is AWS Serverless App Repository?

The AWS Serverless Application Repository is a marketplace for developers, partners, and companies to collaborate on building and finding serverless apps. With the repository, users can discover and deploy serverless applications and their components on the AWS cloud.

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