Nine Startups Set to Shake Up the AI Community Named by Alexa Accelerator

Although thought of as a fictional framework only a handful of years ago, the role of artificial intelligence can no longer be overstated. An initiative known as the Alexa Accelerator has sought to capitalise upon such advancements.

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Amazon Echo with Alexa: the key to your smart-home control hub

Amazon's Echo devices can truly improve the efficiency of both your everyday and working life, operating as a wireless voice control system speaker.

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A Beginners Guide on How to Integrate Alexa into Products

Let's see an overview: In February 2017, Amazon announced the availability of Alexa Voice Service in the UK. The announcement was a new dawn for developers specialising in voice-enabled products as they are now able to expand and provide better services to their customers.Any product can be upgraded with the platform by using a few lines of code. 

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What is AVS? Know Alexa Voice Service

Interacting with technology using voice is a feature customers are coming to expect more and more as standard. Amazon is seeking to make this easier by making the technology behind Alexa, their intelligent personal assistant, available for integration through the Alexa Voice Service (AVS).
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