New specialization: AWS validates our expertise in Amazon Connect

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has validated our ability to digitize the customer experience through implementation and deployment projects of the Amazon Connect solution for contact centers in the cloud.  

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Five capabilities that make Amazon Connect an unbeatable contact center solution

As you know, Linke has made an important commitment to Amazon Connect, the contact center service with which Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers organisations a powerful omnichannel, cloud-based solution to digitise customer relations. It now has five new features that make it a truly differentiating option compared to traditional approaches and that will improve agent productivity and offer a more personalised and satisfactory experience to customers.

In this post we take a closer look at each of the solution's new capabilities and how to leverage them for maximum performance and integration. 

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Madrileña Red de Gas' journey to the cloud, an example of digital transition for IDC

If you’ve following our blog, we are sure you already know the experience of continuous digital transformation of Madrileña Red de Gas (MRG), which has relied on the public cloud platform of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Linke as a technology partner to carry out two strategic projects for its business: on the one hand, the migration of its data center to the cloud in 2018 and, on the other, the digitization of its customer experience in 2020, moving from an outsourced call center model to a cloud-native solution, Amazon Connect.

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Amazon Connect: all the benefits of integrating a cloud based contact center

Every day companies are open to many call centre solutions to choose from when creating or migrating their current contact centre. One of the most recent solutions is Amazon Connect, an AWS service, but what can Amazon Connect provide that other solutions do not?

On today's article we will deepen at the benefits of integrating Amazon Connect service as a contact centre for your company. Javier Mora Díaz, Software Engineer and AWS Certified Alexa skill Builder, tells us more about it.

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Amazon Connect: the revolution of the Contact Center

During the past 10 years, cloud computing has served business needs such as reporting, analytics, email, and online storage. Also, public cloud computing has maintained databases for apps and IT infrastructures for corporate operations.

Today, most of the business' operations are assumed to take place in the cloud. With Amazon Connect, now it is possible to move your company's customer call center to the public cloud. You'll lower costs, streamline operations, and enjoy increased scalability. So, here's a brief on how Amazon Connect is transforming traditional contact centers.

Read on this article by María Claver, R&D Software Engineer and Pablo Muñoz, Software Engineer at Linke to find out why you should use Amazon Connect to improve customer service system.

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