Amazon WorkSpaces Solution

Amazon WorkSpaces Provides the Perfect Solution to Increasing Staff User Demand

Keeping Pace With Staff Demand

Growth means increased demands on staff usage of existing resources. Limited desktop accession capability means impeded speed, efficiency and workflow. Resourcing staff demand through office-based systems means investment not only in hardware but system resources such as server capability and applications. 

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Start Your Free Trial of AWS Workspaces

Amazon has introduced an AWS Workspaces Free Tier: New users will now be able to create two virtual desktops that can be used for a combined 40 free hours per month for two calendar months.

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New! TeamViewer on AWS Marketplace for Desktop Apps (Amazon Workspaces)

Web developers working on the Amazon's cloud work space are excited thanks to a new tool that will make it easier to work remotely, share files, and have online meetings without having to go through the arduous process of setting up this infrastructure manually.

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What is Amazon Workspaces?

Amazon Workspaces is a desktop computing solution. With AWS, developers and business owners can manage their projects in real time, updating them in response to spikes in demand or other market changes. Highly personalisable, this tool keeps you data safe and secure on the AWS Cloud.


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