Serverless Computing and AI in the spotlight during 2019

Cloud computing is already a standard in company initiatives but, as a model of computing, it continues to advance, and these changes have to be taken into consideration when planning the technological projects carried out in this field.

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Whats's coming? Intelligent Data Science for Business

The rapid development of artificial intelligence over the next 20 years will completely change the landscape in which businesses operate. Recent innovations in AI have allowed data scientists to produce tools that can have a genuine disruptive impact on traditional business models across a range of sectors.

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Quickly Improve Your AI skills with AWS DeepLens

Amazon takes every opportunity it sees. Through AWS DeepLens it's brought deep learning closer to developers of all skills. Although it looks like an oversized web cam, it's more of a fully integrated software platform than a camera.

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What is Blockchain Technology?

In its most basic form blockchain is a new tool that can be used for accounting purposes and possesses several key features that make it attractive to users. In essence, a blockchain is what it says it is - a chain of blocks that are publicly available, decentralised, and digitised.

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Lots of Data - but Where's the Intelligence?

Some commentators feel that the Internet of Things is a network of items that exchange very basic data without much intelligence being involved. They point to a lack of analysis that could interpret this data, and do something meaningful with it. 

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How Can Your Business Benefit from IoT and AI?

Media has created a buzz around Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence as being applied only to niche products. The truth is that the business world has begun implementing these technologies throughout the entire enterprise schemes to improve their productivity

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