How to optimize your cloud infrastructure with the AWS Well Architected Framework

A fundamental aspect of all cloud deployments is a good cloud architecture. This not only ensures greater agility but also the security needed to run business-critical applications and workloads. 

As we mentioned in previous articles, AWS has well-designed parameters of a good architecture to ensure the flexibility and high availability that characterizes it. 

Now, in this interesting article written by Josep Aguilera, our Linke AWS WAR certified Architect, we will see in detail all the benefits of applying a Well Architected Framework to your cloud infrastructure. 

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SAP and IOT: cloud integration for smarter companies - Part 2

In the previous post, Mario de Felipe, Executive Director at Linke, explained the context of SAP in the integration of its applications with AWS and Microsoft cloud services. In addition to entering the world of IoT and its adoption in companies around the world.

In this second part we look at the basics of the Internet of Things and how projects are managed based on it.

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SAP and IOT: cloud integration for smarter companies - Part I

As Thomas Saueressig, leader of the SAP Product Engineering area and global responsibility for all business software applications, says, "SAP did not do a good job explaining how the entire portfolio comes together. To explain how the pieces fit together actually, in a product context (…) we believe that if we combine all the assets, that is the differentiating strengths that SAP has.

But also, in a down to earth manner, because I sometimes believe SAP was always great in talking about nice strategies for the next couple of years, but not what did we achieve.What are the next steps in the next one or two quarters? It is a balance between vision and reality". 

At Linke we are pleased to share this new series of blogs created by our Executive Director and Business Development Manager, Mario de Felipe, with an extensive background and connection to the SAP world. During this posts we will understand how SAP has integrated its IoT solutions and applications into cloud services (AWS ans Microsoft) to enable a smarter and digitized company

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Improve SAP user connection to AWS with Global Accelerator

Great news coming from AWS for SAP customers! As announced on 2018 re: Invent, Amazon Web Services has introduced a new service called “Global Accelerator”. According to the official information "AWS Global Accelerator is a service that improves the availability and performance of applications with users". Basically, provides static IP addresses that act as a fixed entry point to an application endpoint (such as SAP Router or Web Dispatcher*) in an AWS Region.

Let's have a look into their functionalities and how this new service can improve and optimize SAP system applications. 

*In AWS world, ALB, NLB or EC2 Instance, all of them entry points for SAP applications running on AWS. 

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Simon Electrics: technological infrastructure renewal migrating SAP on AWS

Simon, an electrical and lighting international manufacturing business, is based primarily in Spain but has presence in 90 countries worldwide with over 4,000 people working in 15 locations and 9 production facilities. 

Linke, as one of their cloud technology consultant partner, we have been able to successfully help them on their digital transformation journey by helping them to migrate their SAP production, development and quality systems to Amazon Web Services cloud

In the following blogpost we want to highlight the key aspects and results from this project. 

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Cloud architecture: boost optimization and security

A reliable, flexible, and high-performance cloud architecture is possible with the help of the right partners. Through best practices and high performance focused designs, deploying systems and workloads to a cloud environment becomes easier. 

For that reason, our today's post is dedicated to the Amazon Web Services Well-Architected Framework in addition to sharing that we at Linke have been certified in the Well-Architected Program as specialized partners in finding the best cloud adoption solutions for customers.

Do you already know the Well-Architected Framework? Read on to find out all the benefits of implementing it for your cloud workloads.

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