How to optimize SAP infrastructure on AWS:  Linke Elastic SAP


SAP infrastructural requirements change after some time due to varying needs. At the end of the month, you tend to require huge resources due to increased data loads, month-closing activities and reports that have to be submitted. These scenarios cause businesses to spend a lot to increase their resources requirements, yet when the peak-seasons are over most of the infrastructural capacity is left unused. In some other cases, businesses experience downtimes at this period as their resources are insufficient to handle the seasonal activities.

Against this backdrop, we have designed this webinar to show you how to adapt your existing SAP servers according to your business demands and avoiding excessive or insufficient investments while optimizing your costs on AWS. Here you have much more information about Linke Elastic SAP and how you can harness all the flexibility of Amazon Web Services.

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New Amazon Alexa Skill: SM Educamos introduces voice assistance at school

The main priority for SM, an educational entity, has always been the generation of integrated solutions for the education ecosystem. With the firm intention of continuing this work and adapting to current times, SM has developed an innovative skill for the virtual voice assistant, Amazon Alexa. It can be used by Echo devices, it is totally free and is available to more than one million users linked to SM Educamos community.

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Linke at the SAP TechEd Barcelona 2019 with AWS

Don't miss Linke at SAP TechEd 2019, 8th - 10th October at La Fira de Barcelona, Gran Via venue. This is a premier technology education event held by SAP to celebrate with developers, technologists, engineers and architects. In Europe, India and the United States, the event focuses every year on training, learning, networking, and educating individuals on the SAP platform.

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Webinar: How to accelerate SAP deployments on AWS cloud marketplace

Next webinar on how to accelerate SAP workloads on AWS cloud marketplace has been designed to show through a demo the quick necessary steps to deploy SAP systems on Amazon Web Services within minutes. Many users are already using Linke SAP Pre-installed Systems and are benefiting from the advantages that AWS public cloud brings in terms of agility, capacity and economical cost models.  

With these deployments, businesses can test new projects in a safe, fast, and affordable manner without altering current or critical installed landscapes.  Below you have more information about how Linke can help companies deploy SAP workloads using AWS cloud.

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Linke achieves the AWS Migration Competency

Linke continues its growth by attaining a new Amazon Web Services (AWS) official certification, the Migration Competency by providing fully integrated services to migrate infrastructures to the AWS cloud throughout all project phases. Only in 2018, Linke managed to migrate more than 52 SAP workloads successfully to AWS which highlights the expertise in this particular area. 

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Comparing the cloud giants: Uptime and reliability

Many businesses depend on cloud computing to run their operations and has become an important aspect for the success of any company. Any outage can lead to important cost losses. Cloud uptime is therefore crucial to any businesses as well as the the overall economy. In this context, AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud are the main public cloud actors to take into account when comparing uptime and reliability. 

Ensuring the cloud platform uptime is crucial for any business as it maintains data and all important applications running. Furthermore, it assures customers’ loyalty and company’s productivity, so it becomes essential to have a reliable vendor which provides access to all information related to platform’s downtime and availability.

Download The Linke AWS Connector for SAP in PDF

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Download The Linke AWS Connector for SAP in PDF