Immediate actions to reduce AWS Cloud costs during COVID-19

At Linke we are aware that the current worldwide health and economic situation is shifting companies priorities, not only on their project management and workforce daily activity but also in terms of infrastructure, solutions and services' investment.

To overcome the challenges involved in these difficult times, companies are evaluating the implementation of cloud-based technologies or, in case of those that already benefitting from cloud services, are taking essential cost saving measures using all the power provided by cloud computing models

Saving on system and hardware investments (maintenance and management) is one of the priorities to ensure business continuity. From products to carry out optimum remote work to the reduce costs assessing services, the AWS public cloud solution is one of the best options. 

In this particular article we would like to share five key measures to help you reduce AWS cloud infrastructure costs during this situation. The below recommendations are a summary extracted from our experience with customers, lead by our AWS Reseller Manager at Linke, Agustina Percio Roque. 

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Enhance SAP Compliance on AWS

In many businesses, compliance refers to the fact of acting in accordance with ethical and legal standards. It may sound like an overwhelming task, but there are measures that can help to make the process easier. In order to do so, companies can opt foe implementing features to help with compliance automation.

On the other hand, is well known that SAP is the predominant mission-critical business software platform for companies. SAP often handles multiple areas of the business including finance, HR, training, manufacturing, and supply chain and depending on the needs and nature of your business, compliance and risk management can be key in all your SAP infrastructure processes. 

This is why at Linke, we have prepared the following webinar in order to explain how businesses can meet compliance and governance requirements when running SAP systems on AWS cloud by using automation tools, always following the best practices for both SAP and AWS environments.

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Discover what AWS can do for your Microsoft workloads

When thinking about cloud deployments, Amazon Web Services is one of the main options for companies worldwide. With a huge variety of services, businesses today adapt their systems in order to achieve higher stability and performance while reducing costs related to infrastructure and management. One of them is Microsoft workloads and all data related to servers and applications. 

In fact, during 11 years, AWS has been the trusted cloud provider for businesses that need to manage their Microsoft workloads in secure and reliable virtual environments in terms of availability. This is why in the following blogpost we wanted to share and explain the many benefits of building, deploying and managing Windows workloads on AWS cloud

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Amazon Connect: the revolution of the Contact Center

During the past 10 years, cloud computing has served business needs such as reporting, analytics, email, and online storage. Also, public cloud computing has maintained databases for apps and IT infrastructures for corporate operations.

Today, most of the business' operations are assumed to take place in the cloud. With Amazon Connect, now it is possible to move your company's customer call center to the public cloud. You'll lower costs, streamline operations, and enjoy increased scalability. So, here's a brief on how Amazon Connect is transforming traditional contact centers.

Read on this article by María Claver, R&D Software Engineer and Pablo Muñoz, Software Engineer at Linke to find out why you should use Amazon Connect to improve customer service system.

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Using DevOps for SAP Business Suite on AWS

DevOps is a methodology, a movement and the practice of integrating development with operations. Traditionally, development teams kept their focus on speed, agility, value and responsiveness to market while operations focused on stability, quality assurance, safety and risk mitigation. This has changed by merging both areas while optimizing the processes. 

This approach has been widely used while managing and deploying systems based in cloud to accelerate and automate processes. The application of DevOps has also reached AWS cloud-based SAP systems managing and replacing the traditional models. In order to analyze and explain the benefits of DevOps for SAP, here at Linke we have prepared an upcoming webinar with our CTO and Co-Founder, Ricardo Casanovas. 

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Setting up Alexa Account Linking with Amazon Cognito

Alexa Skills are increasingly trying to provide more personalized user experience by offering information about your children's school hours, your electricity bill, etc. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to identify yourself in the Skill with a user and password through an external platform. To do so, Alexa offers Account Linking, which allows us to identify ourselves on our platform with Alexa using the OAuth2 authentication protocol. 

This authentication flow is simple on the user´s side, but can be complex for the developer. This is why we have thought it would be interesting to explain how to set up, following some simple steps, an authentication server and configure the Account Linking to be able to login in our platform when activating the Skill.

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