How to optimize SAP infrastructure on AWS:  Linke Elastic SAP


SAP infrastructural requirements change after some time due to varying needs. At the end of the month, you tend to require huge resources due to increased data loads, month-closing activities and reports that have to be submitted. These scenarios cause businesses to spend a lot to increase their resources requirements, yet when the peak-seasons are over most of the infrastructural capacity is left unused. In some other cases, businesses experience downtimes at this period as their resources are insufficient to handle the seasonal activities.

Against this backdrop, we have designed this webinar to show you how to adapt your existing SAP servers according to your business demands and avoiding excessive or insufficient investments while optimizing your costs on AWS. Here you have much more information about Linke Elastic SAP and how you can harness all the flexibility of Amazon Web Services.

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What are Amazon EC2 High Memory Instances?

EC2 High Memory instances is the way to go for the companies that aim at reducing their overhead costs that accrue as a result of implementing multifaceted networking. These instances offer the   ability to run large in-memory databases using only one Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).
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Amazon EC2 High Memory Instances are now Available in Asia Pacific and Europe

The EC2 High Memory Instances offered by Amazon are already up and running in Ireland(Europe), Oregon (US-West), and theAWS GovCloud(US-West) regions. The EC2 instances provide memory spaces that range from 6 TB, 9TB, and 12TB.

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Local NVMe Storage: An additional feature on C5 Instances

 EC2 clients keep increasing and so do their needs. This has seen a steady rise in the EC2 instance types being released to the market. The C5 instances recently released have been tailor-made to deal with the storage challenge experienced by a number of AWS customers.

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Amazon EC2. A Virtual Machine Service for Businesses

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, more commonly known as Amazon EC2, is Amazon Web Services' (AWS) way of allowing their users to modify the size and capacity of the cloud-based IT environment they use to develop, test, and manage applications and programs.

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Manage and configure your servers in one place with Amazon EC2 Systems Manager

Deploying and maintaining large numbers of servers, both virtual and on-premise, can be challenging, costly and time-consuming. With this in mind, Amazon have created Amazon EC2 Systems Manager to manage all your server instances in one powerful management service.

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