Go serverless with AWS Lambda

Many organisations and businesses are resistant to going completely serverless. Although this resistance is understandable it is worth noting that the cloud technology that serverless applications are based on has improved significantly in recent years.

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How to Get the Most from AWS Lambda Serverless Architectures

A serverless architecture is whereby a system runs without the need for traditional servers. The applications rely on third-party services and custom code to function. AWS Lambda is one product that has propelled the use of serverless applications.

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Triggering Lambda Functions with the AWS IoT 1-Click

When Amazon introduced the AWS Lambda, it provided developers with a way to create applications without the burden of managing servers. Now, there is the AWS IoT- 1-Click, which is designed to give simple and fast access to Lambda triggers.

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The aws IoT 1-Click, creation of an Amazon Web Services Lambda

The Internet of Things has certainly revolutionalised the internet. It has become an essential driver of various customer innovations, digital transformation, automation and data-driven optimisation, among other applications. With IoT, customers can now make single-button commands such as tracking the location of their assets, reach the customer support and reorder goods or services. In fact, IoT applications can grow to copious numbers of connected devices. It only requires users to spend more time organising the devices and integrating the different systems to manage tasks like security, monitoring, updates and auditing. Amazon Web ServicesIoT now allows users to manage, analyse, and secure the data generated by the large number of devices. The AWS IoT 1-Click is one such application that allows users to use their gadgets to trigger Amazon Web Services Lambda functions.

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Set Concurrency Limits on Individual AWS Lambda Functions

AWS recently announced its availability in Paris. It makes another addition to the four European regions that already have access to Amazon Web Services. Paris has three availability zones and setting up of Amazon Web Services in the region allows users in France and the surrounding area to enjoy improved Amazon Web Services. The initial plan was to operate 49 availability zones within eighteen regions in the world with expansion plans to twelve additional availability zones and four more regions in Sweden, Hong Kong SAR and Bahrain. This new Amazon Web Services in Paris supports virtual server instances like X1, T2, M5, C5, D2, I3 and R4 with extensive services that include advanced technologies. The region will have three data centers; Interxion Paris, Direct Connect via Equinox Paris and Telehouse Voltaire.

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AWS Lambda Introduces Enhanced Console Experience

Improved Features of the Upgraded AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda Introduces Enhanced Console Experience. Presented in re:Invent 2017. Amazon announced that it has upgraded the AWS Lambda on Nov. 30, 2017. The console is now laden with new features that provide better development, configuration, testing and tracking of Lambda functions. The Amazon Web Services Lambda is a console designed to help developers build smaller applications without too many complexities. It runs on an event-driven architecture, meaning that applications respond to specific events. The enhancements to the Lambda console achieve several things.

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