Whats's coming? Intelligent Data Science for Business

The rapid development of artificial intelligence over the next 20 years will completely change the landscape in which businesses operate. Recent innovations in AI have allowed data scientists to produce tools that can have a genuine disruptive impact on traditional business models across a range of sectors.

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An Overview of Amazon Athena

Amazon Athena is a tool that allows data analysts to use standard SQL to query data within objects stored in Amazon S3. It can be accessed through the AWS Management Console, a Java Database Connectivity driver, an ODBC driver or an API. 

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7 ways ecommerce is leveraging Big Data

Constant streams of data inundate E-commerce companies nowadays. Understanding and acting upon these data sets are of paramount importance. Enters Big Data. This game-changing technology allows online retailers to capture and analyze this enormous amount of information.

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Businesses are now Drawn by Analytics and Big Data Science

There is an adage that says "work smart not hard" and it is becoming more and more relevant. The global economy has grown exponentially due to rapid technological advancements and this means that every single business regardless of size must fight to grow by increasing their client base. 

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Dynamic Big Data Management for Business Growth

Business expansion comes with many boundaries to it, some of the most significant aspects of experiencing growth within the business is profitability, cost-effectiveness and also long-term sustainability.

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Big Data: The Future of Better Cybersecurity

The accumulation of data is increasing daily at an exponential rate and the high profile nature of data breaches can be extremely damaging for a company. Therefore, the ability of a business to protect its data is crucial for its survival.

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