Maximising High Performance Computing for Big Data Processing

There are many governments, education, mining, betting, pharmaceutical, weather and science companies that require High-Performance Computing (HPC)for Big data processing.

Companies with huge amounts of data to manage and process find HPC very useful. HPC is mostly used, to solve big scientific and engineering issues. So, how can companies maximise HPC, in processing company data?

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What is Big Data?

Big Data is a big deal these days. We hear the word everywhere, yet almost no-one seems to be able to define clearly what it is. Part of the problem is that people use the term to mean different things. People seem to think that it is either an enormous game changing new discovery, or much of the same thing statisticians have seen for years.  In reality it is likely somewhere in between.
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How is Big Data & Digital Transformation Interconnected?

Big Data (BD) has altered things drastically for both large and big companies. Instead of resorting to general demographics and small focus groups to learn target market activities and behaviour, sophisticated firms can now get hold of particular data about customers and employees, thereby helping make necessary small changes to sales and marketing, and facilitating enhanced ROI.

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