Barceló Hotel Group, SAP ERP performance improved by 25% migrating to AWS

Barceló Hotel Group, founded in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) 85 years ago, focuses mainly on hotels and the travel industry. In 2017 the company owned 234 hotels in 22 countries worldwide with more than 51 000 rooms and 25 000 employees. Barceló Hotel Group is part of  Group Barceló as well as the travel agency Avoris with more than 700 agencies on 4 continents.

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Editorial Group SM overcame scalability and performance issues thanks to AWS


SM is a publishing company with a presence in Spain and 9 other countries throughout Latin America. For the last 80 years, they’ve published educational content for primary and secondary schools such as textbooks and literature for children and young adults. 

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How Serunion improved response times of their Web Services platform migrating to AWS

The food services company overcame availability issues and slow response times with their existing web services platform and Oracle database by enlisting the help of Linke and migrating to AWS.

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Ávoris - Barceló Group Case Study

Ávoris is an affiliate of the Barceló Group and an outstanding tourism business in Spain. The company, which has 2,915 employees and 685 travel agencies throughout the country, provides a wide range of tour and travel services to over 2 million travellers each year.
However, the business began facing challenges with its reporting processes since the on-premises SAP environment could not support the grown business anymore.
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An AWS Success Story: Wanup Case Study

Wanup is a Spain-based firm launched in 2015, aiming to provide a new kind of hotel loyalty club service. A lot of hotel chains already provide loyalty clubs, but this company provides a different service that tries to cater to the modern tourist's desire for diversity. 

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A case study of Caher's use of AWS to optimise accessibility on a mobile application

The marketing company Caher has been enhancing its clients user' experience recently by deploying Amazon's Workspaces function to make its services more integrated and immediate. This case study, which was recently published by Linke, highlights the benefits of AWS to create powerful marketing tools across a diverse array of different fields through their V4S mobile app

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