Capitalising on Continuous Compliance for More Streamlined Audits

Every business must ensure that it's IT environment is secure and adheres to the various compliance standards put in place. Organisations undergo multiple audits on a monthly basis to confirm that they comply.

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Using AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate to Automate Cloud Compliance

AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate is a program that ensures continuous automation, deployment and configuration. It has a user interface that provides visibility to the nodes and their state. As such, users can handle routine tasks like operating system configurations, software configurations, database setups, package installations and others with ease.

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Notable Features of InSpec 3.0

The makers of Chef Software have made a new release on their other product, the long-awaited InSpec 3.0. The last major upgrade of the software was back in February. Statistics show that it has had over 49270 times since that last upgrade. The number is likely to rise for the latest version, thanks to the many new resources that have been added. The release comes with usability improvements, bug fixes, and more platform support

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Modernize Your Windows Legacy Applications with Habitat

Habitat, developed by Chef, is a software that provides built-in deployment and management capabilities and creates platform-independent build artifacts. 

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Chef Workstation is Now Widely Available

Chef is a platform used to manage systems and automate cloud infrastructure. With Chef Workstation, developers are able to turn infrastructure into code that can then be used to automate management and server deployment.  

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Chef support brings true automation to Amazon Linux 2

Amazon Linux 2 extends the Linux functionality available from Amazon Web Services (AWS), and provides a stable, secure and high performance environment, for a range of enterprise and cloud applications. Many of these have been developed by customers, using innovative Linux-enabled features. 

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