Implement changes speedily with CHEF Automate and AWS

Chef Automate is an easy way for network administrators and enterprises to manage their entire network of nodes, data centres and servers. It allows administrators to understand exactly what is happening in IT infrastructure systems with one simple glance at the Chef Automate Dashboard. Policies, OS updates and patches and new users can all be managed with ease. 

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New Chef-Run Utility to Provide Ad-Hoc Configuration Management

Chef Workstation is a new release that comes from the creators of Chef. The idea was to provide everything the user needs to get started working with Chef in the form of a single installation file.

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Chef Automate 2: The Next Step in Continuous Automation Solutions

It is already a well-known fact that Chef software is one of the leading automation applications in terms of the ability to proactively monitor workflow events while maintaining the proper compliance. The good news is that developers have now taken this sense of functionality one step further thanks to the recent introduction of Chef Automate 2.

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Why You Should Update Chef-Client On AWS Opsworks For Chef Automate Nodes

For smooth communication between the Chef server and chef-client, there is a need for the agent software to access the client’s node public key.

It is possible to create a pair of a public-private key in Amazon EC2. The public key is then passed to the AWS OpsWorks API call using the node name. It is recommended that you run the most recent version.

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The Unveiling of Chef DK 3.0 and its Implications for Users


It is with great pleasure that we finally announce the launching of Chef DK 3.0. The release allows you to detect and correct problems on more platforms quicker and efficiently than you ever could. This is with the help of added Chef 14 and InSpec 2.

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AWS Systems Integrate Inspec to Run Compliance Scans

AWS systems manager now has support for inspec, a CHEF software. It is an open-source framework that permits you to configure compliance as a code easily. With the structure, you can define and assess the state as well as the condition of the system using the entire application. Already, it can be used with AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate to follow up on your compliance.

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