Chef as a “Top 3” Leader in Application Management and Deployment for DevOps

The Enterprise Management Associates has decided to name Chef as one of the top three vendors who work in the application deployment and managing Development operations. Chef is considered the Continuous Automation leader. This was after a survey was carried out between over 300 Development operations practitioners. The survey was carried out by EMA back in 2017.

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Migration to the cloud with CHEF

An efficient cloud migration strategy is significant for companies looking for performance, cost and operational improvements while enhancing the application portfolio effectiveness as well as time to market. 

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The release of InSpec 2.0

What is InSpec 2.0

InSpec is an open-source project from the software company, Chef. It has been designed to allow for business to define security and compliance requirements in the form of code, so that they may be incorporated into other existing programs. This increases business efficiency, by allowing them to ship faster without any loss in security.

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Continuous automation with CHEF


On October 2017, Forrester released the quarterly report on configuration management best firms. Chef was among top providers in the Forrester Wave™: Configuration Management Software For Infrastructure Automation, Q4 2017 report. You can obtain more details on the report and get informed further about the configuration solutions. 

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Keep Compliant With Chef Automate

Analysis with Chef just got a whole lot easier thanks to the recent February, 2018 release of Chef Automate (CA). Features that have been in the testing stage for some time are now generally available with the Chef Automate release, and these include an improved data-range search as well as much more robust compliance scanning capabilities—you can now carry out scans for accurate status (both agent based and remote/"agentless" scans and you can schedule scans too).

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Delivering on Continuous Automation whith Chef

New Report Illustrates How Chef Is Leading The Way In Configuration Management

Fluid automation is one of the key aims of DevOps. Continuous automation with Chef enables greater efficiency as it speeds up certain processes in our workspaces whilst enabling us to focus our energies on other aspects of development, monitoring and management.

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