Discover what AWS can do for your Microsoft workloads

When thinking about cloud deployments, Amazon Web Services is one of the main options for companies worldwide. With a huge variety of services, businesses today adapt their systems in order to achieve higher stability and performance while reducing costs related to infrastructure and management. One of them is Microsoft workloads and all data related to servers and applications. 

In fact, during 11 years, AWS has been the trusted cloud provider for businesses that need to manage their Microsoft workloads in secure and reliable virtual environments in terms of availability. This is why in the following blogpost we wanted to share and explain the many benefits of building, deploying and managing Windows workloads on AWS cloud

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Top Five Emerging technology solutions for 2020

2020 is set as the year of digital and technological transformation of worldwide IT companies, emerging ecosystems will change the way organizations take decisions in order to be more competitive and efficient while offering the best experience to their customers. 

As revealed by Gartner, there are five top trends that will be of great help to IT companies, through different technologies that will offer a wide competitive advantage in the next 10 years. The Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies highlighted the Emotional Artificial Intelligence among the 21st new technologies in 2020.

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Power Up Digital Transformation: 10 Technology Trends for IT companies

The commencement of 2020 marks the start of a new year as well as a new decade. According to the IDC, there are ten main trends expected to heat the Internet of Things during this year and beyond. These technology trends will impact the digital transformation of companies all across the globe.

In a recent seminar, the IDC provided IT organizations with tips on how to face the digital-based business transformation with this awaited technological predictions. The IDC aims at helping organizations in the areas of technology, leadership, and value.

Be part of digital future, let's have a look on what is expected on the technology field.

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Improve SAP user connection to AWS with Global Accelerator

Great news coming from AWS for SAP customers! As announced on 2018 re: Invent, Amazon Web Services has introduced a new service called “Global Accelerator”. According to the official information "AWS Global Accelerator is a service that improves the availability and performance of applications with users". Basically, provides static IP addresses that act as a fixed entry point to an application endpoint (such as SAP Router or Web Dispatcher*) in an AWS Region.

Let's have a look into their functionalities and how this new service can improve and optimize SAP system applications. 

*In AWS world, ALB, NLB or EC2 Instance, all of them entry points for SAP applications running on AWS. 

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Total Cost of Ownership: SAP cloud deployments

Businesses today have to choose between traditional hosting software and cloud computing. In the traditional model, companies would purchase physical software applications on which they would store their data.

On the other hand, cloud computing involves the purchase of storage space from a third party. With cloud applications, you will not physically own the servers but will be able to use them remotly and when needed. More and more companies today are abandoning traditional servers for cloud systems, but what exactly would be the total cost of owning cloud application services?

In this post we will explain you the main aspects when calculating TCO for SAP deployments on Amazon Web Services cloud. Keep reading.

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Five Trends Set to Define Business Transformation in 2020

At Linke, we have identified the technological trends that will define how companies undergo digital transformation in 2020. Ricardo Casanovas, Chief Technology Officer, stresses how an increasing number of companies are adopting cloud computing in order to be more competitive and agile among a digital context that is rapidly evolving. 

As this happens, increasingly large projects are being deployed throughout these organisations so that they can benefit from the advantages it offers such as system performance optimisation and and wide variety of technologies, such as artificial intelligence or Internet of Things, from their ERP systems and workloads. 

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