AWS Virtual Days and Migration Strategies: GALP and Linke

If we are looking for a secure and flexible environment, capable of adapting to business needs and seasonal peaks, a cloud infrastructure is seen as the best option. There are many benefits to migrating workloads and applications to the cloud, including effectiveness, security, accessibility and performance improvements.

At Linke we know the importance of SAP workloads for many companies and the importance of an agile and seamless management of data in an integrated platform. For that reason, we were pleased to join the AWS Virtual Days, an event about migration both cloud to cloud and from physical centres to cloud.
Keep reading to know more about our participation on the best way to migrate to cloud, plus the presentation of our case study with our customer GALP.

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Security for SAP systems running in the cloud

When you deploy SAP on AWS, you need to manage the accounts that gain access to the cloud. Cloud administrators need to come up with a way to organise the available resources and determine who has access to which resources. Then, provide levels of permissions for viewing and manipulating data.

At Linke we will be hosting a new webinar in partnership with SAP dedicated to cybersecurity and system administration based on SAP systems running in AWS cloud. Let's take a look at the main topics to be discussed. Also, do not forget to register, you still have time. 

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IT market: future and impact during the sanitary crisis

The economic situation experienced as a result of the evolution of COVID-19 has generated an impact on how the market works and, of course, of its priorities. Today, businesses are reinforcing their digital transformation process to evolve at a time when innovation is essential to provide an optimized service and minimize security risks but also costs, as far as possible.

Digital transformation was already very important before the beginning of this 2020, but it has taken on special relevance during this context with many companies implementing home office and many digital tools in order to keep connected. Technology has been a fundamental part of this process.

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Role of CIO in Proper IT management during crisis: Main learnings

The concern over the impact and scale of coronavirus pandemic is increasingly growing, making many organisations to reconsider their response as well as the actions they need to undertake to sustain their organisations. As a result, the CIO has crucial roles in ensuring that a company runs as Covid 19 containment measures are executed.

And all this learnings not only apply to this crisis but for further situations that require quick actions and secure tools to ensure a correct data management and work team planning. Let's take a further look into the pivotal actions, initiatives and main learnings during the actual context and beyond.

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Integrating SAP systems with AWS cloud services

More companies worldwide are aware of all the benefits offered by the public cloud in order to streamline the daily management of data and workloads, taking advantage of the flexibility and efficiency of cloud environments in their digital transformation processes.

At Linke, we know that customers think of Amazon Web Services as a suitable platform for integrating their SAP systems, increasing the migration projects into AWS’ storage instances. For that reason our experts at Linke had developed a cloud-based and SAP certified solution to achieve this task in an easy and secure manner: AWS Connector for SAP.

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Cloud migration models: choose the best fit for your business

If you are contemplating a cloud migration for your organization, it is important to understand the dynamics and options available to you. Such knowledge will help you plan the move and execute it without hiccups and disruptions to business operations.

This post explains the four main migration models for firms wishing to benefit from cloud computing and want to start a migration project now that the running times allow companies to re-evaluate these initiatives

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