Innovation and Expertise: Linke Becomes a SAP Silver Partner

Linke, one of the fastest-growing SAP partners, has moved a scale higher on the SAP partners' rank by earning a silver status. The company serves over 20 multinational clients in more than nine countries. It achieved the status upgrade milestone by earning SAP certifications and developing SAP-certified products. 

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Using DevOps for SAP Business Suite on AWS

DevOps is a methodology, a movement and the practice of integrating development with operations. Traditionally, development teams kept their focus on speed, agility, value and responsiveness to market while operations focused on stability, quality assurance, safety and risk mitigation. This has changed by merging both areas while optimizing the processes. 

This approach has been widely used while managing and deploying systems based in cloud to accelerate and automate processes. The application of DevOps has also reached AWS cloud-based SAP systems managing and replacing the traditional models. In order to analyze and explain the benefits of DevOps for SAP, here at Linke we have prepared an upcoming webinar with our CTO and Co-Founder, Ricardo Casanovas. 

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Agile Vs. DevOps. What Are The Differences?

Although both methodologies work the same, there are a few differences in their operations which makes them unique. For example, regarding team size, they both work with different team sizes for them to be efficient. 

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Creating Better Apps with Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) is required to study the speed, volume, and diversity of Big Data. The findings of patterns and anomalies are used by DevOps teams to improve the development of new applications. 

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Notable Features of InSpec 3.0

The makers of Chef Software have made a new release on their other product, the long-awaited InSpec 3.0. The last major upgrade of the software was back in February. Statistics show that it has had over 49270 times since that last upgrade. The number is likely to rise for the latest version, thanks to the many new resources that have been added. The release comes with usability improvements, bug fixes, and more platform support

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Chef Workstation is Now Widely Available

Chef is a platform used to manage systems and automate cloud infrastructure. With Chef Workstation, developers are able to turn infrastructure into code that can then be used to automate management and server deployment.  

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