AWS and SAP: IoT interoperability solution

SAP has recently announced a new collaboration with Amazon Web Services that makes it simpler and cheaper to create Internet of Things solutions using the AWS IoT platform with all the flexibility and data integration offered by SAP applications and AWS. There are two new interoperability options. Keep reading to know more about this collaboration.
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IoT Spending in Europe Projected to Grow by 20%

Revenues for Europe’s IoT market is estimated to grow by about 20% in 2019 to reach $171 billion. Data indicates that the European Internet of Things will see double digital growth during the 2017-2022 period. By 2022, it is expected to be worth over $241 billion. 

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Lots of Data - but Where's the Intelligence?

Some commentators feel that the Internet of Things is a network of items that exchange very basic data without much intelligence being involved. They point to a lack of analysis that could interpret this data, and do something meaningful with it. 

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How Can Your Business Benefit from IoT and AI?

Media has created a buzz around Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence as being applied only to niche products. The truth is that the business world has begun implementing these technologies throughout the entire enterprise schemes to improve their productivity

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The Future of IoT Managed Services Market

There has been a global rise in the rate of adoption of smart technologies in different industries leading to the demand for IoT technologies. Most businesses are adopting smart technologies in order to reduce operational costs, improve customer satisfaction and increase the return on investment.

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Triggering Lambda Functions with the AWS IoT 1-Click

When Amazon introduced the AWS Lambda, it provided developers with a way to create applications without the burden of managing servers. Now, there is the AWS IoT- 1-Click, which is designed to give simple and fast access to Lambda triggers.

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