SAP Integration Content Advisor: Machine Learning applied to B2B Integrations

SAP has a B2B-Addon -apart from other certified third-party solutions by SAP- that gives the possibility of using SAP PO / SAP PI as a platform to send and receive e-commerce documents in different standards using ASC X12, UN / EDIFACT, etc.

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Keep your personalised marketing from being disturbing

Customers’ buying experienced has evolved into a data-driven relationship for businesses. For that reason, most organisations are today dependent on machine learning, advanced analytics and IoT to impact customer experience and drive business success. With the fierce competition going on, companies are bound to keep seeking innovative ways to engage their customers.

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Machine Learning made easy with XGBoost and Amazon SageMaker

Machine learning is something that is starting to emerge from the science fiction books and become mainstream. There are some incredible use-cases for it. From the futuristic idea of self-driving cars, to the less glamorous but perhaps more useful idea of improved natural language processing. 

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Amazon SageMaker Makes Object Detection Algorithm Available

Amazon SageMaker is a machine learning platform provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that is fully-managed and scalable. Allowing developers enhanced access to machine learning, the platform includes an image classification algorithm. Using pre-defined criteria to categorise images, it is amongst the most popular algorithms offered by Amazon.

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The Frontier of new Machine Learning and Cloud Computing for Business

Recently, cloud computing has come to have an effect on every single industry. The cloud has become a ubiquitous term but it is actually a very diverse field. Many people are not really sure what the cloud even is.

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The Role of Machine Learning in Retail Today

Machine learning refers to a data analysis method that computerises analytical model development and is an essential sub-section of artificial intelligence that empowers computers to learn on their own without being precisely programmed.

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