Monitor your Oracle Standby Databases with Zabbix

Within the framework of Amazon Web Services' cloud-based SAP managed systems, an important part to consider is always infrastructure monitoring as well as replication. Among the different monitoring tools, Linke uses mainly Zabbix. Recently, our customers have raised a need that we have managed to solve: Currently, Zabbix does not support the monitoring of Oracle replication databases.

For this reason, we want to share in today's post how our SAP Basis Senior Consultant, Jaume Moreno, has configured and developed a solution for Zabbix to monitor these Oracle standby databases from now on. Ready? Keep reading:

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Enhance SAP Compliance on AWS

In many businesses, compliance refers to the fact of acting in accordance with ethical and legal standards. It may sound like an overwhelming task, but there are measures that can help to make the process easier. In order to do so, companies can opt foe implementing features to help with compliance automation.

On the other hand, is well known that SAP is the predominant mission-critical business software platform for companies. SAP often handles multiple areas of the business including finance, HR, training, manufacturing, and supply chain and depending on the needs and nature of your business, compliance and risk management can be key in all your SAP infrastructure processes. 

This is why at Linke, we have prepared the following webinar in order to explain how businesses can meet compliance and governance requirements when running SAP systems on AWS cloud by using automation tools, always following the best practices for both SAP and AWS environments.

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Innovation and Expertise: Linke Becomes a SAP Silver Partner

Linke, one of the fastest-growing SAP partners, has moved a scale higher on the SAP partners' rank by earning a silver status. The company serves over 20 multinational clients in more than nine countries. It achieved the status upgrade milestone by earning SAP certifications and developing SAP-certified products. 

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Ready, Set, Connect: Linke at UKISUG 2019

The 2019 UKISUG Connect will be held at the ICC Broad Street, Birmingham from 1st - 3rd December. Linke, AWS Premier Consulting Partner with the AWS SAP Competency, will be proud to be part of the UKISUG Connect 2019 event for the second time.
The event will showcase interesting and inspiring seminars, workshops, presentations, and Usability testing sessions from various experts in SAP systems and applications. Join Linke at the largest SAP focused event in the UK where we will share all the benefits of running SAP on AWS.
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How to optimize SAP infrastructure on AWS:  Linke Elastic SAP


SAP infrastructural requirements change after some time due to varying needs. At the end of the month, you tend to require huge resources due to increased data loads, month-closing activities and reports that have to be submitted. These scenarios cause businesses to spend a lot to increase their resources requirements, yet when the peak-seasons are over most of the infrastructural capacity is left unused. In some other cases, businesses experience downtimes at this period as their resources are insufficient to handle the seasonal activities.

Against this backdrop, we have designed this webinar to show you how to adapt your existing SAP servers according to your business demands and avoiding excessive or insufficient investments while optimizing your costs on AWS. Here you have much more information about Linke Elastic SAP and how you can harness all the flexibility of Amazon Web Services.

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Webinar: How to accelerate SAP deployments on AWS cloud marketplace

Next webinar on how to accelerate SAP workloads on AWS cloud marketplace has been designed to show through a demo the quick necessary steps to deploy SAP systems on Amazon Web Services within minutes. Many users are already using Linke SAP Pre-installed Systems and are benefiting from the advantages that AWS public cloud brings in terms of agility, capacity and economical cost models.  

With these deployments, businesses can test new projects in a safe, fast, and affordable manner without altering current or critical installed landscapes.  Below you have more information about how Linke can help companies deploy SAP workloads using AWS cloud.

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