Data lakes in the cloud, the key to analytics and business intelligence projects

Around four out of ten IT leaders had to take business intelligence (BI) initiatives off their priority list to cope with the challenging pandemic scenario. Now, as the months have passed, these projects are back on the agenda. In this post we take a look at the situation and the role data lakes play in data strategies.

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Ten steps to prevent a data breach, both on-premise and in the cloud

Cyber-attacks and data breaches have skyrocketed since the outbreak of the coronavirus, largely due to the development of a more digital society and economy where everything is connected. We have put together ten tips to help businesses protect themselves from cybercriminals trying to breach their network.

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Five advantages for creating value when migrating SAP S/4HANA to the cloud

Being efficient in their processes to respond with agility to market demands is a common goal of all companies around the world, and a large part of them rely on SAP management solutions to achieve it. The latest version of this system is SAP S/4HANA which, since its introduction in 2015, brought innovation, simplicity and performance to many essential processes that are a daily part of corporate operations, and cloud undoubtedly accentuates those benefits.

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Committed to innovation: Linke is now a SAP Gold Partner

With ten years working hand by hand with worldwide companies, Linke has achieved a new badge in the SAP Partners Program, the higher scale among the partners rank: SAP Gold Partner. This certification validate us as an innovative company with solutions and products adapted to every business need.

The Gold certification of the partners within the SAP PartnerEdge Program is granted to companies with extensive experience and a high level of performance during the delivery of SAP solutions to medium and large companies. 

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Emory for SAP HANA, ASE and Oracle database backups on AWS cloud

At Linke we  constantly work to offer the best cloud-based solutions in order to guarantee that all the critical data of your company is always available. One of our solutions developed for SAP systems and workloads is Emory Cloud Backup.

As explained on previous posts, Emory Cloud Backup allows companies to simplify their backup solution by integrating SAP HANA and SAP ASE (Sybase) databases with Amazon S3 Cloud Services. In addition, Linke has obtained the certification for Emory in order to also support Oracle databases.

Therefore, we have organized a new webinar where you can learn about the benefits and features of this solution. We invite you to read on to find out more about Emory Cloud Backup updates.

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Innovation and Expertise: Linke Becomes a SAP Silver Partner

Linke, one of the fastest-growing SAP partners, has moved a scale higher on the SAP partners' rank by earning a silver status. The company serves over 20 multinational clients in more than nine countries. It achieved the status upgrade milestone by earning SAP certifications and developing SAP-certified products. 

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