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An introduction to Linke Emory: Amazon S3 Backint agent for SAP HANA

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Emory Cloud Backup allows companies to simplify their backup solution by integrating SAP HANA tools with Amazon S3 features.

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Top 5 Myths about SAP HANA: Debunked

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SAP HANA is an application that's designed to use in-memory database technology to allow the processing of high volumes of data in a short time. This flexible application helps you reduce data redundancy, increase innovation, decrease data management costs, all of which achieves better business outcomes.

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¿What is SAP HANA?

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SAP HANA is a memory data platform that enables you simplify your IT environment, deliver more business intelligence, and accelerate business processes.

Given that it provides you will all the data you need, it removes the burden of having to maintain separate legacy system and siloed data. This enables you make informed business decisions in the digital economy.

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