AWS and SAP: IoT interoperability solution

SAP has recently announced a new collaboration with Amazon Web Services that makes it simpler and cheaper to create Internet of Things solutions using the AWS IoT platform with all the flexibility and data integration offered by SAP applications and AWS. There are two new interoperability options. Keep reading to know more about this collaboration.
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Keep your personalised marketing from being disturbing

Customers’ buying experienced has evolved into a data-driven relationship for businesses. For that reason, most organisations are today dependent on machine learning, advanced analytics and IoT to impact customer experience and drive business success. With the fierce competition going on, companies are bound to keep seeking innovative ways to engage their customers.

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The First Anniversary Of SAP Leonardo

For a whole year, SAP Leonardo has been demonstrating the results of digital innovation that has enabled the streamlined integration of countless devices and software packages to create a superior network of artificial intelligence.

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Gartner says SAP has both vision and capability

The analyst firm Gartner keeps a close eye on trends in the IT-related industries, and analyses them using its proprietary toolset to extract key business intelligence. Periodically, it publishes an independent “Magic Quadrant” report which focuses on a particular sector, and identifies certain companies as visionary in their approach. 

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SAP Leonardo, a digital innovation for telcos

SAP has come up with a fast digital innovation for telcos which involves much lesser risk. SAP Leonardo enables organizations to execute cutting edge organization procedures to recognize margin risk over their activities, pick up knowledge into clients, products, and resource productivity, and anticipate results based on organization-particular data.

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