Serverless Computing and AI in the spotlight during 2019

Cloud computing is already a standard in company initiatives but, as a model of computing, it continues to advance, and these changes have to be taken into consideration when planning the technological projects carried out in this field.

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How to Get the Most from AWS Lambda Serverless Architectures

A serverless architecture is whereby a system runs without the need for traditional servers. The applications rely on third-party services and custom code to function. AWS Lambda is one product that has propelled the use of serverless applications.

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A Look at the Strengths and Capabilities of the AWS Server Platform

As the needs of modern businesses continue to evolve, they are required to use even more malleable and scalable techniques in order to adapt to a changing environment. One extremely popular way to achieve these goals is through the adoption of a serverless platform.

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What is AWS Serverless App Repository?

The AWS Serverless Application Repository is a marketplace for developers, partners, and companies to collaborate on building and finding serverless apps. With the repository, users can discover and deploy serverless applications and their components on the AWS cloud.

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Benefits & Capabilities of the AWS Serverless Platform

Programming without the need for servers ensures developers can keep their primary focus on their product at its core, by eliminating the need to manage servers and monitor run times.

The AWS Serverless Platform can be built for numerous applications and backend services, without requiring the developer to provision any servers.

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AWS Lambda Introduces Enhanced Console Experience

Improved Features of the Upgraded AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda Introduces Enhanced Console Experience. Presented in re:Invent 2017. Amazon announced that it has upgraded the AWS Lambda on Nov. 30, 2017. The console is now laden with new features that provide better development, configuration, testing and tracking of Lambda functions. The Amazon Web Services Lambda is a console designed to help developers build smaller applications without too many complexities. It runs on an event-driven architecture, meaning that applications respond to specific events. The enhancements to the Lambda console achieve several things.

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