A brief introduction into FinOps

Companies that have already moved to the cloud want to achieve the full benefits of cloud computing, which is not possible without an understanding of costs that can only be achieved through the application of standardised processes and best practices known as FinOps. Linke has always considered it an area that those moving to the cloud should be aware of.

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Well-architected cloud infrastructure: main recommendations

As we have explained in previous articles, the AWS Well-Architected Framework allows us to design optimal infrastructures, focused on high performance. In fact, many companies already implement these best practices for their cloud-based systems and workloads.

However, it is common for questions about risk mitigation guidelines to arise before or during the architecture analysis. Or also related to session requirements or additional requirements.

So, how do we achieve the development of an appropriate cloud architecture? In today's post we solve the most frequently asked questions and give you some recommendations to run your Well-Architected Analysis in a smooth way.

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