Using DevOps for SAP Business Suite on AWS

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DevOps is a methodology, a movement and the practice of integrating development with operations. Traditionally, development teams kept their focus on speed, agility, value and responsiveness to market while operations focused on stability, quality assurance, safety and risk mitigation. This has changed by merging both areas while optimizing the processes. 

This approach has been widely used while managing and deploying systems based in cloud to accelerate and automate processes. The application of DevOps has also reached AWS cloud-based SAP systems managing and replacing the traditional models. In order to analyze and explain the benefits of DevOps for SAP, here at Linke we have prepared an upcoming webinar with our CTO and Co-Founder, Ricardo Casanovas. 

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A game changing methodology in the IT Industry

The DevOps methodology builds upon the structural practices of the Agile system, but aims to further enhance collaboration between development and operations. Equal value and importance is given to both aspects of the organizational system and when all members of the company are on the same page, continuous integration, development, deployment and improvement of the system is possible. The process looks at creating cross-functional teams that work together, improve automation, reduce risk, eliminate errors and increase quality.

Facilitation through AWS Cloud Services

Although the methodology itself does not prescribe any specific technology or tools, cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services provides users with the security, management and automation tools that enable them to implement the system in their companies and harness the benefits of a more efficient system.

With AWS, users are able to automate manual task and processes, set user permissions and policies to control access to resources, integrate with a large partner ecosystem and configure their infrastructure according to their needs. These services and tools provided enables users to embrace collaborative methods of development and increase the speed and flexibility with which output is produced.

Benefits of managing SAP workloads in the cloud using DevOps methodology

Some of the benefits of using this methodology to manage cloud-based SAP workloads include:

  • Improved speed, resilience and quality of software delivery
  • Minimize risks and enhanced automation
  • Seamless adaptation to new business strategies and changing market conditions and enriched integration between IT teams and the rest of the business.

There are no silos employed in this system and both the development and operations teams’ company's objectives align with and complement each other. The methodology is a continuum that allows work to loop between teams. It is not simply a linear process, with each team doing their bit and pushing the product further down the assembly line.

Communication and feedback are critical components of the system and the aim is to increase production, create greater customer satisfaction and greater accountability and systematic processes within the organization.

Using DevOps for SAP Business Suite on AWS

To find out more about the benefits of managing SAP workloads in the cloud using this methodology, you can watch our upcoming webinar. You will learn how the DevOps operating model enables companies to automate and minimize errors on infrastructure and software configuration, enforce compliance and accelerate time to market.

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When: Live online Wednesday 26th February at 4pm (Spain - Madrid Zone Time)*
How long: 60 min.
Who: Ricardo Casanovas, CTO & Co-Founder Linke

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