Webinar: Achieve High Availability for SAP deployments on cloud using AWS tools

Webinar February 2019

Linke is organizing a webinar for next February 27 on how to achieve maximum availability of SAP systems in the cloud using solutions from the Amazon Web Services platform. 

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Cloud is already a standard in the initiatives of companies in their digital transformation strategies. This is demonstrated by the fact that, quarter after quarter, infrastructure spending linked to this IT model continues to grow as opposed to traditional IT. 

But not only that, the workloads moving to the cloud are becoming more relevant, and organizations are deploying their most critical applications to this environment. And no one can escape the fact that SAP systems are among the most essential systems for their daily operations. 


High Availability in SAP Systems

Traditionally, the high availability of SAP systems has been achieved by implementing third-party management tools, often expensive and difficult to deploy. At this point, the cloud and, specifically, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, can provide a great advantage because it allows the creation of a high availability environment for these solutions at a fraction of their usual cost


Webinar on High Availability for SAP systems on AWS

In order to explain in depth how to configure the high availability (HA) of SAP systems on AWS, Linke is going to organize a webinar, in which it will deal with three topics: 

  • How to plan and define an SAP scenario in HA
  • How to configure SAP in HA using AWS Services
  • How to operate with SAP in High Availability on AWS

Ricardo Casanovas, Guillermo Torres and Maurici Galofré, specialists from the provider of SAP on AWS technology consulting services, will give this session and offer the keys, in just one hour, to get the most out of an SAP environment of these features using tools and services such as Amazon Cloudwatch, AWS Lambda, and AWS Systems Manager.

Given its content, the online session is aimed at: 

  • IT executives and directors
  • chief technology officers
  • responsible for the systems area
  • SAP system administrators of companies that are considering migrating their SAP systems to the cloud

The event will be held on 27 February at 4.00 p.m. and will be given in English. To register, please follow this link. Registration will close on the 25th at 3pm.

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