How to accelerate SAP deployments on AWS cloud marketplace

Webinar_September_2019_1Learn how to accelerate SAP workloads on AWS cloud marketplace on this webinar desgined by our SAP experts to show through a aquick demo all the  necessary steps to deploy SAP systems on Amazon Web Services within minutes. Many users are already using Linke SAP Pre-installed Systems and are benefiting from the advantages that AWS public cloud brings in terms of agility, capacity and economical cost models.  

With these deployments, businesses can test new projects in a safe, fast, and affordable manner without altering current or critical installed landscapes.  Below you have more information about how Linke can help companies deploy SAP workloads using AWS cloud.

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SAP Pre-installed Systems - What are they?

Linke has created a series of SAP Pre-installed Systems, which are Amazon Machine Images (AMI´s), developed to ensure the user can deploy different SAP system application types quicker. This means that if a new system would take hours, even days to be properly installed, those SAP Pre-installed Systems have been designed automating processes to reduce this time down to minutes and few clicks. As a result also, the AMI´s will benefit from the economic cost model that AWS cloud offers as you will only pay for what you use and you will be able to stop and start running the system as when necessary.  


Below are only some of the SAP Pre-Installed Systems already available on the AWS marketplace:

  • S/4 HANA Release 1709 Suse
  • S/4 HANA Release 1709 RedHat
  • SRM 7.0 EHP3 SR1 Linux/Oracle
  • SCM 7.0 Ehp4 on HANA
  • ERP 6.0 EHP7 Linux/Oracle
  • And many more...

Linke Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) accelerate your systems and SAP applications in order to  easily get started and, therefore, focus on other key business tasks, rather than building new standard applications over and over.


SAP Pre-installed Systems - what else is included?

Apart from having the elasticity, scalability and global availability that AWS cloud provides, Linke Amazon AMI´s are very easy to use as the support baseline is known by all SAP IT administrators and  it also includes: 

  • Full installation guide and email support so Linke can guarantee the best practices provided by AWS and SAP.
  • Selection: you can choose the SAP systems that best fits your company's requirements, all of this included on the AWS Marketplace.
  • Launch ease: you can deploy AMI's in your existing AWS account and landscape. Plus, your IT team would only be required to perform the post-installation tasks. 


Interoperability between platforms and services

You also have got a range of options to integrate, extend, and maybe interoperate between the systems applications, products and the Amazon Web Services platform.
There are some open connectors on the system applications and products that simplify the connectivity with AWS. It, therefore, enables developers to focus more on building key solutions of the business rather than low-level and repetitive integration services.

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