Webinar on Installing the Linke AWS Connector for SAP


The Linke AWS Connector for SAP is an add-on that is written in the ABAP programming language. This makes it possible for the SAP- workloads to be seamlessly integrated into AWS as well as to archive documents directly on Amazon Web Services, in an easy, secure and cost-effective way. 

When the AWS Software Development Kits (SDKs) are implemented in Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP), a business is able to leverage the AWS services as part of the SAP- workload with the use of programming language and tools that they already have. 


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The AWS Connector: Certified by SAP and available at the AWS Solution Space 

Companies that are carrying out their digital transformation find essential to streamline their daily management operations and, at the same time, take advantage of the simplicity, flexibility and efficiency of cloud environments. 

In this context, the new solution AWS Connector for SAP, officially certified by SAP and AWS, help SAP companies to extract, analyze and modify the data on their SAP systems on the AWS cloud platform at a big scale, through the integration of Datalakes, Data Repositories or Machine Learning. 


Download The Linke AWS Connector for SAP in PDF

Highlights of the Linke Connector

Since the Linke AWS connector for SAP is an add-on that connects SAP systems to the Amazon S3 via the Archivelink interface, a business can rely on the safety and durability plus cost-effectiveness of S3 for SAP data. Besides that, users will benefit from the larger storage that increases according to need. 

The connector is also flexible and cost-efficient and does not need additional investment as no middleware or extra hardware is required. 


Finding the Connector on Solution Space

Solution Space features a huge number of scalable and secure solutions, which help companies achieve their goals. These are all solutions that have been validated by AWS and are a combination of AWS services and other APN partners.

The connector is located in the SAP category and it shows the consolidation of Linke’s expertise as a Premier Partner of AWS, which has also the AWS SAP competency. You can also request free AWS credits through this page if planning to deploy SAP on AWS. 

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About the Linke Webinar

By taking part in the webinar, participants will learn about the benefits of this product and be able to take part in a live demo where they will get a systematic guide on: 

  • Installing the Add-on
  • Configuring the add-on to connect with an AWS account

Three product use scenarios will be demonstrated: 

  • Archiving SAP- Data
  • Storing SAP- Documents
  • Extracting SAP- Data to S3

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Download The Linke AWS Connector for SAP in PDF