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Copia de Webinar 2020 Febrero (2)In many businesses, compliance refers to the fact of acting in accordance with ethical and legal standards. It may sound like an overwhelming task, but there are measures that can help to make the process easier. In order to do so, companies can opt foe implementing features to help with compliance automation.

On the other hand, is well known that SAP is the predominant mission-critical business software platform for companies. SAP often handles multiple areas of the business including finance, HR, training, manufacturing, and supply chain and depending on the needs and nature of your business, compliance and risk management can be key in all your SAP infrastructure processes. 

This is why at Linke, we have prepared the following webinar in order to explain how businesses can meet compliance and governance requirements when running SAP systems on AWS cloud by using automation tools, always following the best practices for both SAP and AWS environments.

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Ensuring compliance and risk management

Also referred to as automated compliance, this is a system of software applications that employ artificial intelligence elements and technology to make compliance procedures easier. The software applications provide companies with workflow capabilities like self-assessments and creative action planning.

Benefits of Automating Compliance
  • First, the implementation of this mode of compliance is more cost-efficient than manual controls. The process is also less time consuming than the latter.
  • Through this mode of compliance, an organization can check on its status and audit information from a single dashboard.
  • The real-time data from this mode of compliance helps with prompt decision making when it comes to risk management.
  • It allows easy and uniform implantation of policies across platforms like public and private clouds. It, therefore, helps to minimize the likelihood of inadequate and inaccurate mistakes in reporting.
  • Through automation of compliance tools, companies can easily stay up to date with the changing compliance requirements. Therefore, it helps to reduce the chances of getting fines for issues such as breaches.
  • The system applications also help to manage third-party risks and catch potential weaknesses beforehand.

Automated Compliance Tools for SAP Compliance

SAP incorporates a variety of key business functions as Human Capital Management Corporate Services, Financial Supply Chain Management, Financials, and Operations. The Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions by SAP help organizations to streamline as well as to automate both risk management and compliance automation processes.

For instance, these SAP solutions are integrated with the GRC suite that helps with documentation, reporting, and management of all the activities taking place in an organization from a central cloud-based environment. The solutions are embedded into SAP which integrates with other organizational applications to help with risk management, access control, audit management, business integrity screening, tax compliance, and process control, to name a few.

Linke's Webinar

Within the context of SAP infrastructure compliance, AWS also offers a group of services and solutions in order to perform governance and risk management task for the SAP applications. Understanding the concept of automation compliance, AWS and SAP are quite challenging, especially for those companies that manage more than one business process with SAP systems. 

At Linke we know how important is to guarantee the security and the optime management of SAP critical data and applications, not only by ensuring a smooth deployment and availability but also to ensure the company meets compliance regulations with no errors.

But how to achieve this? With the aid of Compliance Automation tools which enables businesses to implement  a structured approach to identify and ensure compliance across the underlying SAP infrastructures running on-premises or in the cloud.

For that reason our experts designed this online content in order to explain how we can: 

  • Implement Compliance Automation tools and processes for SAP infrastructures running on AWS.
  • Manage risks across underlying SAP application infrastructures.

Join us and register for this webinar. 

Register to the webinar
When: Live online Wednesday 25th March at 4pm (Spain - Madrid Zone Time)*
How long: 60 min.
Who: Ricardo Casanovas, CTO & Co-Founder

*Also available on demand thereafter.

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