Upcoming webinar: Why Should You Migrate SAP workloads to AWS?


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Most organizations have taken to migrating data for essential ERP applications like the SAP workloads to the cloud. However since most of these apps are critical to the business, firms face many challenges during the migration process. These include security, disruption of regular business operations, compliance challenges and the time taken to transfer the data.

AWS cloud was introduced to solve all such concerns. Businesses are not just looking for cloud providers who offer affordable services, but as more firms adopt cloud services into the mainstream, the focus has shifted to speed, agility, security and consistency. In this webinar, you'll learn why companies are migrating SAP to AWS. We also look at the evolution and maintenance of SAP landscapes like SAP S/4 HANA migrations and SAP HANA adoption, and Amazon Web Services available to help businesses address the challenges cost-effectively.


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Benefits of SAP on AWS

High Speed During the Migration Process

With AWS cloud users enjoy better networking infrastructure, storage, and computing capacities for their SAP projects in a matter of minutes. Traditional IT infrastructure requires users to wait for weeks or months to migrate data to the cloud.

What’s more, the SAP rapid Migration Test Program leverages on AWS cloud to enable users to transfer their SAP workloads operating on non-HANA database to SAP HANA database at an affordable cost and within a short period.

The program combines Amazon’s cloud services with SAP tool with documentation to minimize the time, cost and effort required to test migration to SAP HANA. It also has a new SAP Database Migration feature that enables the user to change the Primary Application Server host during the migration procedure.


Incur Operational Expenses

The beauty of using SAP on AWS is that it significantly reduces a company’s capital expenses. The business does not need to make a commitment fee for storage, computing and network infrastructure.


Vast Coverage

Amazon Web Services for cloud boast more than a million active customers who spread in over 190 countries. It has 61 availability zones and plans to expand reach by setting up cloud services in four additional regions (in Hong Kong SAR, Bahrain, MAR and Cape Town) and 12 more AZs.

As such, an organization can deploy its data and applications regardless of the customer’s location. The global infrastructure feature is set up in two ways; AWS local regions and AWS regions. The latter provides three separate Availability Zones usually connected with high redundant networking, low latency and high throughput to enable users to operate their databases more effectively. Infrastructure for the local regions complements the existing AWS region by providing a disaster recovery option.


Extensive Partner Ecosystem

The ecosystem includes partners migrating SAP to AWS to help other users realise its benefits. Whether you want help implementing SAP on AWS, relocating an existing SAP environment, or looking for comprehensive services that can operate SAP on AWS, you are bound to find a partner on the Amazon Partner Network (APN), among which you'll find Linke as Premier Consulting Partner with SAP competency. The partners have proven technical proficiency and attained competency in Amazon Web Services hence, can offer a variety of services and solutions on the cloud.


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