What are Amazon EC2 High Memory Instances?

EC2 High Memory instances is the way to go for the companies that aim at reducing their overhead costs that accrue as a result of implementing multifaceted networking. These instances offer the ability to run large in-memory databases using only one Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).
EC2 High Memory instances contain various memory capacities in a particular instance. These instances are designed in a way that they can control a wide range of in-memory databases. For instance, they aid in setting-out SAP HANA(which is an in-memory database)to operate in the cloud. 

In order to encrypted and unencrypted EBS volumes, these instances avail 14 Gbps storage bandwidth. Amazon EC2 High memory instances marks the very first EC2 instances by Amazon which is run on a platform with 8 sockets. It has the latest version of processors which includes Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8176M (Skylake). 

Amazon EC2 High Memory instances have their certification from SAP in order to manage and run their business on HANA. 

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Benefits of using Amazon EC2 High Memory Instances

High Memory 

These instances are commendable for the high memory of up to 12 TB. SAP HANA is one of the in-built large memory database which is found in these instances. 

Access to Amazon Web Services Cloud Resources 

These instances are easily accessible from Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. In order to enable connectivity to Amazon Web Services, there is no more need to use hybrid architectures since EC2 High memory instances already take care of that.
These instances provide a flexible storage capacity on Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes. AWS enables easy managing of instances in terms of launching and controlling. Upon the combination of AWS and Access management (IAM), it becomes even easier to manage EC2 High memory instances. 

High Performance 

EC2 High Memory instances stand out among the ever built instances. It operates on 8-socket host on a platform of Intel® Xeon® Scalable (Skylake) processors. They benefit from the invention of AWS Nitro System which is a blend between software and hardware components which are purpose built.
This combination facilitates security, supreme performance, and enables efficiency of the pathways that drive Amazon EC2 instances. 

Flexibility to Scale 

One of the greatest advantages of the EC2 High Memory instances is that customers have a choice in the size of the memory databases that they can secure. One can start from a smaller size memory databases for there is room for growth. Also, users have a free will to change from SAP-certified X1 and X1e to EC2 instances very easily. 

Bottom line 
EC2 High Memory instances are a great relieve to many companies and individuals as one can now enjoy high memory, high performance and flexibility all from one single instance.
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