What is Amazon Workspaces?


Amazon Workspaces is a desktop computing solution. With AWS, developers and business owners can manage their projects in real time, updating them in response to spikes in demand or other market changes. Highly personalisable, this tool keeps you data safe and secure on the AWS Cloud.


The basics of using the Workspaces area from Amazon

AWS is a paid for use service, and users can choose to pay monthly or hourly. However, developers only pay for the actual workspaces that they launch, so this can be a very cost efficient solution.

Managed, as mentioned above, using Cloud technology, the workspaces are compatible with a variety of devices including both Windows and Mac laptops and computers, tablets (both Android and Fire), iPhones and Chromebooks. It is also compatible with both Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Thanks to the use of the Cloud, you can access and edit the documents, programmes, resources and applications that you require on your virtual desktop using any device that you choose (as long as it is supported).


Comparison with traditional desktop solutions

When compared with a traditional desktop, Amazon's Workspaces are more secure, and offer far greater Ux. Flexibility is at the heart of most modern workplaces; employees do not wish to be tied to a particular laptop. Ideas can strike at any time and being able to access your workspace anywhere from any supported device is thus a big plus.

Nevertheless, even when compared to typical on-site Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, the AWS Cloud comes out on top. Amazon's use of SSD (persistent solid state storage) and efficient applications means that your data will be protected, readily accessible and manipulable at speed. Everything on your workspace will be encrypted and encoded for your security. Amazon's Key Management Service (or KMS) makes encrypting storage volumes very easy. In terms of cost, Amazon's pay as you go virtual desktop is around half as expensive as a traditional VDI.

Here you are a brief introduction to Amazon Workspaces:




The WAM (or Workplace Application Manager) is crucial to the success of the Workspaces project. Use the WAM to select and curate applications and to decide which of your users can use which applications.

Amazon has recently updated its Workspaces to enable developers to edit their Volumes in real time without this resulting in any downtime or slowdown in your customer service. Virtual containers for your apps make it easy to categorise them and to keep tabs on how they are doing.

Moreover, as mentioned above, Amazon operates on a pay as you go basis for its workspaces, and this applies to applications as well. You will only pay for the applications that people actually use, which means that an 'unpopular' application will not become a proverbially unprofitable 'white elephant', sitting on your workspace.


Try Amazon Workspaces yourself

Amazon is constantly updating its web development tools, and AWS Cloud based workspaces are a great opportunity to see what it has to offer. The workspaces help you to streamline your projects, to work on them whenever an idea strikes you no matter where you are, and to do so safe in the knowledge that all of your data is safe and secure - and backed up for you on an encrypted cloud based platform.

If you want to try the Workspaces for size, you can take advantage of the fact that Amazon allows you to pay on an hourly basis. Dip in for an hour or two and see if this tool appeals to you. If it does, it may be time to ditch that desktop based solution and wave goodbye to your current VDI.


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Linke AWS Workspaces

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