What is AWS Serverless App Repository?


The AWS Serverless Application Repository is a marketplace for developers, partners, and companies to collaborate on building and finding serverless apps. With the repository, users can discover and deploy serverless applications and their components on the AWS cloud.

It is an ideal place for developers, Amazon Web Services partners, and enterprise customers to share their serverless creations. Every application available in the Repository is packaged with a Serverless Application Model template to help users identify the AWS resource used. 


How Does the AWS Serverless App Repository Work?

Publishing applications

  • Package – users can package their apps in the Serverless Application Model. Once they've packaged the app, they can log into their AWS account to access the repository Console. 
  • Publish – users can then upload the app and provide the app’s details. To publish the app for public use, a user is required to include search labels, license file and a link to the app’s source code. A developer can publish an application using the Amazon Web Services' SDK, CLI or Management Console. 
  • Share – once the app is published, users can limit access to their team members, share the app across their organization or make it publicly available to the community. 


Deploying applications

  • Search and discover – users can browse the repository to find an application.
  • Configure the application - developers can clone an application template and modify it to meet their needs. They can set parameter values, environment variables and more before deploying the app. 
  • Deploy and manage – serverless apps are deployed as CloudFormation templates which make it easy for the developer to manage the app as a single unit. Every template has an Amazon Resource Name which helps developers to locate the template using the Tag Editor console. 

Developers can also use third-party tools or existing Amazon Web Services tools to manage the templates separately. 


Types of Applications Available in the AWS Serverless App Repository

The repository includes applications for:
  • Alexa Skills
  • Data processing
  • Web and mobile back-end
  • Social media trend analysis 
  • Real-time stream processing
  • IoT
  • Image resizing


How are Applications in the Repository Licensed?

Apps provided by Amazon Web Services are available under the MIT open source licence. Apps provided by third-parties are made available under open source licences approved by Open Source Initiative (OSI). 


Benefits of the AWS Serverless App Repository 


For Publishers 

Publishers using SAM to build serverless applications can define Lambda functions, API Gateway and Amazon DynamoDB tables that are triggered by API functions. Additionally, the app can use third-party libraries provided they are available under an open source licence approved by OSI. 


For consumers 

With the repository, consumers can use AWS serverless applications and components to complement their work. They can also configure, use, modify the app to meet their needs and submit pull requests to the publisher of the app.

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