¿What is SAP HANA?

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SAP HANA is a memory data platform that enables you simplify your IT environment, deliver more business intelligence, and accelerate business processes.

Given that it provides you will all the data you need, it removes the burden of having to maintain separate legacy system and siloed data. This enables you make informed business decisions in the digital economy.

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Key Benefits of SAP HANA

It comes with three unique benefits which are: reduced complexity, run anywhere and real result.

Less complexity

SAP HANA is used in simplifying IT with a single platform essential for trans-analytic applications. It is used in the analysis of live data used to support real-time business while at the same time reducing IT operation, hardware, footprint and data redundancy.

Run Anywhere

You can also modernize you data with the use of it's deployment options either on tailored data centers or public and private cloud.

Better results

Firms taking advantage of SAP HANA achieve better business outcomes. In fact, more firms are experiencing a percent of over 575, Return of Investment in five years, by utilizing SAP HANA in a bid to decrease cost of managing data and increase innovation.

Key capabilities of SAP HANA

SAP HANA comes with different capabilities which include administration, data access, app deployment and advanced analytics processing. The capabilities are important to companies given that they are able to effectively manage data on one memory platform which makes it easier to take action.

Database services

You can take advantage of the in-memory database service to process analytics and high speed transactions. Also, you can conveniently manage huge database volumes with the use of dynamic tiering and multitenant database containers on different multi-tier storage.

Analytical processing

Under the analytical processing, you can easily gain insights from SAP analytics processing by taking advantage of the in-memory data processing, time series, streaming, graph and spatial. Additionally, you can get answers on any business related question and make informed decision in real time.

App development

It develops the next-generation set of application which takes into account different transaction and analytics which can be deployed on any device. With the in-class development tool, you are able to deliver personalized experience with the right data targeted for different users.

Data Access

You can get both accurate and complete view of your business through assessment of data from different sources. Data can be sourced from its location, then replicate and integrated into SAP to ensure its quality which in turn increases the confidence in decision making.


You can simplify different system administration and IT operations with essential tools that enable you monitor processes. This ensures data and application security and its continued availability. This way, you can keep your business running effectively from any device or location.


You can keep all your application services, data storage and communication running smoothly and securely with different access management controls. It provides you with the most efficient in class software security, encryption and patching which you can conveniently use a dashboard to monitor any KPIs relating to security.


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