What SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge is all about

In 2017, SAP Leonardo became the latest hype when it came to the SAP ecosystem. However, very few understood the capabilities and functionalities of SAP Leonardo. The SAP Leonardo began as the name for IoT associated solutions, which people acquired in the form of ready packages. However, it still does not answer the question of what exactly is SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge?
The SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge is a digital invention system that allows customers to create a rapidly new innovative application, which is based on a cloud platform. The system makes all SAP programs more intelligent. They also enable customers to make new applications, which enhance the business processes and lead to the creation of new models in the business.
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The solutions it offers

The following are the solutions this IoT Bridge provides. First, there is the connection of good. It works by connecting, monitoring and controlling a large number of consumer products like coffee makers or freezers among others. You only attach the IoT devices to your trigger alerts and backup systems.
You then get insight into the products quality, service, and usage patterns.
Another problem it solves is vehicle insights, where you can collect, analyze, store, and map the vehicle’s sensor data in real time. There is also the asset intelligence, which connects businesses and machines to challenge asset management outrightly.

Benefits associated with SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge

The benefits of using this IoT bridge includes:
  • you can realize the goals of your business through the acceleration and simplification of your digital transformation
  • it helps you identify potential risks, threats, and business opportunities across the chain value. The identification of threats, risks, and opportunities is possible since the IoT Bridge brings data into the business context
  • you can spot deviations or abnormalities in your business process and it allows you to see their impact when it comes to your business operations

Better decisions

All this is possible because you get to view data on a real-time basis. The IoT Bridge also assists businesses to increase their capabilities in making effective decisions. Effectiveness in decision-making is possible since the IoT Bridge guides processes, people, and things with facts and actionable guidance that lead to the enhancement of your business. Business can also concentrate on building and maintaining their customer relations since their data is safe.

Security and much more

The IoT Bridge helps protect your applicants, suppliers, customers, and employees rights to have the preservation of their data secure and private. You also gain access to the latest security and compliance standards available in the framework world.
The platform also contains plenty of innovative accelerators, which can help boosts your businesses creative power. By using this platform, you also gain access to its various capabilities. For example, you can connect products to view their maintenance and customer service. You can also combine fleets to help you track the movement of your goods. There is also the computing ability of this platform. 

The use of this platform offers business access like no other to ensure their services and products run smoothly and add value to the consumer.
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