Why Mahou and its partnership with AWS & Linke has become a success story


Mahou San Miguel is one of the largest brewery groups in Spain producing well-known beer lagers under brands such as San Miguel, Mahou and Alhambra. The company has established itself as a leader in the Spanish market and it has since expanded into India and the United States. Partnering with Linke’s consultancy services and AWS solutions has further helped to maintain this lead. 

Working with Amazon enabled Mahou to store large volumes of data. The first project involved using Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for its configuration for high availability to store redemption codes. In addition, working with a premier consulting partner to facilitate web migration ensured that the process was seamless. Amazon’s Relational Database Service (RDS) assured that the redemption code process was a success. 

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Web Hosting with Amazon Web Services

After the redemption code process was a success, Mahou sort Amazon’s web hosting solutions to improve operations and management of websites. The company was looking to merge its portfolio of sites into one interface. The consolidation of all these websites meant that Mahou could stop spending extra time and effort with multiple old hosting providers and save on running costs.

AWS was able to make all the sites function as one account. Avoiding dependence on external agencies and managing operation from a cloud hosting ensured that operations were more efficient. This also saved time as one action didn’t have to be repeated on a second website. 

At the beginning, Mahou’s different brands had separate websites, but the cloud migration ensures that self-management was possible. One AWS account had different hosting setups that were simultaneously monitored and controlled now by a unique AWS management console.

All web properties could be easily accessed in the unified configuration, and this enabled Mahou to save costs. Apart from cost saving, AWS also provides  to Mahou’s management team more agility and ownership managing time and controlling operations


Linke, Mahou´s IT Consulting Partner 

After the successful web-migration, Mahou thought of embarking on a web-based San Miguel Museum. For the museum project, Linke was Mahou’s IT partner. Linke made estimates on how much it would cost to host a web-based site on AWS. The large cost savings were crucial to the acceptance of the project where Linke provided the right AWS architecture for the implementation.

Linke also helped with the improvement in operations and management of Mahou's new acquisition. When Mahou expanded into India, it was through an acquisition whose infrastructure did not align with requirements.  Linke suggested AWS due to its capability and robust services.

The company required a new ERP system and the options available where on-premise installation and cloud implementation. Mahou went with cloud implementation due to cost saving, as well as, the fast implementation. Whereas on-premise installation would have taken approximately one year to complete, the cloud implementation was done in six months. 


Innovation to Save Time and Money 

Linke acted  and continues to operate as the intermediary between Mahou and Amazon. The services and capabilities of AWS are ever improving, and Linke ensures that Mahou is always up to date.

With cloud implementation, Mahou didn’t have to invest in machine purchases. Cloud migration was an innovative move that ensured a dependable web hosting solution. Linke ensured that Mahou’s new acquisition had a seamless IT transformation and the storage of billions of redemption was a success. 

Today, 95% of Mahou’s web pages are cloud-based, and this guarantees easy management. With right infrastructure and IT support, Mahou was able to consolidate multiple websites into one account. 



Linke is a reliable premier consulting company that offers overall IT support on cloud. Choosing AWS solutions gives the management team of a company an easy time monitoring and controlling operations. Having an up-to-date AWS solution ensures you get the most of all the robust and innovative services Amazon AWS has to offer.

If you want to know more about Mahou San Miguel's successful project, you can read its success story on the Amazon Web Services page.


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