Why You Should Use Automation to Ensure Your Company is GDPR Compliant


Automation is a great tool to make General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance easier. By enforcing automation solutions to General Data Protection Regulation requirements, it is possible for companies to integrate compliance and security concepts into development systems, minimising risk and enabling competitive advantage.

General Data Protection Regulation has a "Privacy By Design" mandate that shows the importance of data privacy from day one. Continuous automation is the basis of a quick growing, software-focused company.

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What is General Data Protection Regulation?

The personal data of European Union citizens was formerly guarded by the Data Protection Directive. General Data Protection Regulation is now the system that protects this data. Organisations collect personal information all the time in different situations, therefore, by complying with General Data Protection Regulation the information of citizens is safeguarded. The following are the eight rights showcased in General Data Protection Regulation:

  1. The right to be informed
  2. The right to access
  3. The right to rectification
  4. The right to erasure
  5. The right to restriction of processing
  6. The right to portability
  7. The right to object processing
  8. The right to not be subject to automated decision-making and profiling

General Data Protection Regulation revolves around those who can store data, access, and process it. In many organisations, data management tends to be disorganised and complicated. A person's data may be kept in multiple places, making it difficult to find the customer's personal information and correct it. Luckily, automation can simplify data processes very well. The correct automation solution can interact with all the organisation's systems and applications to reach and rectify data fast.

Automation is a great way to streamline all the eight rights. To be able to speedily and effectively automate your organisation's General Data Protection Regulation compliance, begin by documenting the existing data processes, then move to designing automated work flows that will continuously keep you General Data Protection Regulation compliant.

Is It Possible to Meet GDPR Mandates Without Slowing Down?

Many businesses report that they are compromising their chances of developing quickly due to security obligations. 81% of IT operations professionals believe that information security slows down their operations. CHEF software and DevOps can help in meeting General Data Protection Regulation compliance.

Conducting DevOps yourself can make software deployment quicker, and this is more effective at shipping the items clients want. The issue with moving fast is the fact that there is a possibility to ship insecure system updates and code vulnerabilities more times too.

By enforcing code auditing tool set using Chef Automate, it is possible to automate General Data Protection Regulation compliance. The outcome is increased efficiency and minimal risks.

Detect, Correct, and Automate General Data Protection Regulation Compliance

Continuous automation is an effective solution to complying with the Privacy By Design Mandate defined by General Data Protection Regulation. CHEF Software helps clients on a journey of continuous automation that begins by detecting problems that could affect General Data Protection Regulation compliance, and proceeds to correcting those problems as well as proving General Data Protection Regulation compliance, then enforces automation to make company applications consistently compliant.

The introduction of General Data Protection Regulation is a chance to rethink the way in which organisations tackle their compliance obligations, and how transforming InSpec operations using Chef automate is part of a larger online transformation.


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Download The Linke AWS Connector for SAP in PDF