Enables the autoscaling of SAP application servers according to your business needs on Amazon Web Services.

Elastic SAP scales your SAP footprint to meet your business demands.
Business scenarios such as month end closing, data loads, reporting or seasonal activities can now be managed avoiding excessive or insufficient infrastructure investments.

Horizontal Scaling

Flexible automated provisioning & decommissioning of demanded resources.


Once EC2 resources are provisioned, Elastic SAP installs and configures all required software on its own.

Pay per Use

Hourly based pricing on top of EC2.


Use CloudWatch metrics as triggers to scale up or down your systems.

Elastic SAP delivers AWS autoscaling benefits to SAP and guaranties companies that their SAP systems truly adapt their infrastructure based on business demands in real time and automatically.

Reduce operation costs by 55%

Reduce infastructure costs by 33%

Elastic SAP Linke AWS