Emory Cloud Backup


Use Amazon S3 to backup and recover your cloud based SAP HANA and SAP ASE (Sybase) databases using Linke’s SAP-certified Emory Cloud Backup agent for SAP.

Emory Cloud Backup is our implementation of the SAP backint agent for SAP HANA and SAP ASE (Sybase) to manage database backups on Amazon S3.

It is a SAP Certified solution that supports both single and multi node (scale- out) SAP HANA and SAP ASE Database (Sybase) deployments on AWS.

Emory Cloud Backup integrates seamlessly with Amazon S3 making it an extension of your SAP HANA and SAP ASE (Sybase) databases and leverages SAP administration tools to manage your database backup catalog stored on Amazon S3.

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Emory Cloud Backup is available at:

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Solution Key Features & Benefits

Fast backup and recovery. Up to 800GB per hour.

Single and multi-node deployments are supported.

Efficient. No need to use persistent disk storage (ebs) for backups.

Backing agent certified by SAP for SAP HANA

Security and reliability leveraging Amazon S3 features

Cloud Native. Designed and built for and in the cloud

Emory Cloud Backup can help businesses simplify their backup solution integrating SAPHANA and SAP ASE (Sybase) backup tools with Amazon S3 features.

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