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26th September – 1st Serverless Event with AWS & Linke in Barcelona

Would you like to learn how to build up a 100% serverless architecture? In this half-day technical event we will show you, along with Amazon Web Services, all the steps as well as to discover how you can reduce costs and gain availability with a serverless architecture.

Recorded Webinar: Ávoris Success Story with AWS & Linke

Review our webinar to learn how we helped Ávoris, a leading tourism business in Spain, migrate their SAP landscape to AWS in just three months, enabling drastic improvements to performance, reliability, and scale.

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“Linke Achieves new AWS Nonprofit Competency Status”

Teresa Carlson, AWS VP Worldwide Public Sector, has recently announced the new AWS Nonprofit Competency program where Linke has been awarded as featured partner. 

Such achievement highlights Linke´s capabilities to have built solutions on Amazon Web Services that support the mission of the nonprofits we have collaborated with. This competency ensures technical validation related to industry-specific technology, as well as an assessment of the security, performance, and reliability of their AWS solutions.

“Companies are no longer afraid of innovating thanks to the cloud”

The latest interview of Chabier Sanvicente, Linke´s CEO and Cofounder, was in the catalan newspaper Diari ARA inside the economy section. Sanvicente explains how technology in the cloud has become a new tool for constant innovation to many companies around Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and IoT instead of only being seen as a datacentre migration platform.