Alexa Voice Assistant in schools


Amazon Alexa arrives at schools with SM Educamos virtual voice assistant

SM, cultural and educational agent, has 80 years of experience in the market. During this time, there has been an ongoing focus on innovation, looking at new services and content with the objective of adding value to schools, teachers and families.

With the beginning of the new 2019-2020 school year, SM Educamos, the digital ecosystem that helps more than 1,200 educational centers on their digital transformation, has launched a pioneering experience by developing a virtual voice assistant available to schools and parents, using Amazon Alexa.

Potentially, one million families that are part of the school network, are now able to use this new application allowing parents to stay up to date on their children's school lives.



The Context

In the current scenario, marked by the evolution of the economy and society towards digital models, the education sector cannot be left behind since, with its work, it is shaping and training the future generations.

SM Educamos is an open and flexible ecosystem that facilitates this evolution on educational centers in a personalized way. It integrates digital tools that connect the entire educational community that coexists within the school. Overall, this model improves the quality on apprenticeship as well as family integration with the school´s educational project.

The development of the skill based on Amazon Alexa is part of its strategy to offer value to schools through innovative developments. “The objective of the project was to make the monitoring of children's school life easier, especially in today's society in which time management and conciliation are so complicated,” highlights Julia Molano, SM Educamos Product Technology Coordinator.

The Solution

Linke, as trusted Amazon and Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner, has helped SM Educamos on this project.

Since the company decided to launch the initiative in April, a dedicated Linke´s team was involved in the design, planning, development and production of the virtual voice assistant skill.

Defining the use case and the conversational model to make it useful were the two most challenging aspects of the project. Both settings were critical to adapt the skill´s functionality to the usage environment, using a simple and direct language, always thinking on how to offer the appropriate response expected by the end user.

Technically, the main challenge was to integrate the skill with the information from the SM´s platform, using the necessary authentication requirements to identify each student.

As Julia Molano explains, “Linke's role and experience in the development of the skill has been fundamental for the project. We began designing interactions that have required a lot of evolution to become natural and effective. This experience has been an important learning curve and we want to continue working this way”.

As a result of this work together with SM Educamos and Linke, the project was completed in just two months.

The Benefits



The skill shows the SM´s commitment improving digital schools experience towards families. Integrates also digital tools that simplify communication and positions 1,200 centers at the forefront when using application technology on a school environment.

Parents or tutors who have Amazon Echo, can now interact with their school using the voice assistant to be informed on daily children activities and easily access information such as, for example, subject timetables and next sessions.

“The skill provides families with a new way of approaching school as they can now access daily school information using voice assistance to find out answers to their most frequent questions faster and speed up management tasks”, affirms the coordinator.

To sum it up, the voice assistant is a new interaction channel with the school, developed naturally using a device that is part of their daily lives, which makes it easier for parents to be involved, from home, in the education and development of their children.

The Future



This artificial intelligence project offers a powerful way to improve connection and communication between family and school, in a very accessible way.

And this is only the beginning. SM Educamos future plans are to evolve the skill including new functionalities and queries of interest.

The aim is to achieve in the near future that all school content is virtually available through the voice assistant skill as well as allowing users to receive notifications and proactively reminders.

More information available on SM Educamos Blog´s Page.

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