SAP CRM, ERP and PI migration to AWS


The Oxfam Intermón SAP Systems infrastructure was running out of their support services and needed full renovation.


About Oxfam Intermón:  as a non-governmental cooperation and development organisation, Oxfam Intermón bases its activity in offering integrated solutions to fight poverty and injustice to help all human being exercise their fundamental rights. Their efforts are focused on the following existential premises:

  • Right to be heard and to have a decent life
  • Promote gender equality
  • Save lifes, now and in the future
  • Sustainable food systems
  • Fair natural resources distribution
  • Financial support on basic and universal social services

The challenge

The Oxfam Intermón SAP Systems infrastructure was running out of their support services and needed full renovation. On top of this critical business change necessity, they were facing performance challenges in some of their main operating processes that allows them to properly function as an organisation.

As a result, Oxfam Intermón had to decide if they wanted to keep their current On-Demand infrastructure even though there was no guarantee they would achieve the performance results they needed after this heavy upfront investment.

The solution

Thanks to the knowledge that Linke owns on AWS capacity and benefits (autoservice, scalability, pay per use, speed and flexibility) we suggested Oxfam Intermón to try a proof of concept (POC) with AWS on their most critical landscape systems and test the performance of the platform before making final decisions or investing money.

Performance tests were successful. Cost and transformation processes to the AWS infrastructure were simple and agile so Oxfam Intermón decided to migrate its SAP landscape –SAP CRM, SAP ERP & SAP PI– to AWS with Linke´s guidance. 

The benefits



The AWS scalability system allows you to increase any resources without huge investments or big changes any time Oxfam Intermón faces new performance challenges


All IT processes 100% automated in a simple and agile way thanks to AWS and Linke

TCO Reduction

Paying only for the infrastructure needed and used. Continuous cost optimisation throughout the process

The future

Oxfam Intermón can focus all their energy and resources on improving and adding new processes to their systems now that the performance is the correct one on their current landscape.

Moreover, they also have other key systems that are important for their daily function and can be migrated to the cloud. This could standardise all their landscape on AWS.

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