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The Linke AWS Connector for SAP enables businesses to integrate their on-premises or cloud-based SAP systems with Amazon S3 through an ABAP add-on. By doing so, businesses can:

  • Simplify their SAP architecture
  • Reduce infrastructure costs
  • Keep pace with rapid data growth
  • Improve agility and flexibility

This document provides context as to why businesses ought to consider moving SAP storage to the cloud, details the benefits they will receive once up and running, goes over common use cases for the solution, and more.

In this white paper you will find:

  • Common challenges related to SAP storage 
  • Deployment options for the Linke AWS Connector for SAP
  • Common Use cases including:
    • Storing documents and attachments in Amazon S3
    • Integrating SAP systems with AWS services
    • Archiving SAP data on AWS
    • Upgrade SAP Hana
  • Customer Success Story: Ávoris



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