Linke´s integration on Syntax structure final phase


Following the announcement Linke´s purchase by Syntax last April, the final integration will become effective on November 8th. Becoming part of Syntax, a global managed cloud provider specialized in multi-cloud and multi-ERP environments for critical applications, it will allow Linke to grow faster and strengthen its structure, development and project execution capabilities, which will result in a better service to our customers.

Who is Syntax?

Since 1972, Syntax has provided comprehensive technology solutions to companies of all sizes with thousands of customers who rely on their IT services and ERP needs. Today, it is a leading provider of managed cloud for mission-critical business applications. Syntax has an undeniable strength to install and manage ERP deployments in a secure, resilient, private, public, or hybrid cloud. It has solid world-class technical and functional consulting, monitoring and automation services, and its client base includes corporations in a wide range of sectors and markets. Syntax has offices around the world and it has partners such as Oracle, SAP, AWS, Microsoft, IBM, HPE, and other global technology leaders.

Why have we teamed up with Syntax?

With Syntax we have found an organization in which we share a very similar corporate culture and operating model. We are now part of a company that will be the undisputed leader in the SAP ecosystem on AWS, and we can focus on what we do best, accompanying organizations on their journey to the cloud.

It reinforces our essence: knowledge, commitment, people and business ethics while we gain the possibility to grow faster, accelerate our international expansion and improve the development and capacity of our solutions. By having more capabilities, we will be able to expand our value proposition so more customers can transform and innovate their business.

What does Linke bring to Syntax?

For Syntax, Linke´s acquisition reinforces:

  • Their presence in Europe, increasing its offer in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and opening new areas such as Iberia, France or the Nordic countries.
  • It expands its portfolio of products and services by incorporating those already successfully developed by Linke.
  • Gain even more experience in the public cloud. Together enabling us to better advise our clients on their migrations to the public cloud and support them with their implementation and cloud managed services.

Why is Syntax the perfect match for Linke?

Because it is the union of two large companies and their joint technological solutions. The combined company will continue to work towards the same direction, meeting shared goals of providing a broader and richer set of technologies and solutions to our customers. 

Syntax and Linke share very similar customer-centric corporate cultures and operating model. We are confident and excited about this partnership, and supporting our customers remains our top priority.

Our strengths and built-in synergies will provide even more options to support our clients' long-term needs. All of our clients will continue to receive the same high standards of service and support.

When is the final integration taking place?

Today we begin the final phase of this integration roadmap that began seven months ago. On November 8th, this transition period will end and Linke will fully operate as Syntax.

During this transition period we have ensured this process had no impact to neither our clients or partners, maintaining our quality standards in support and service, guaranteeing the same interlocutors.

Our technical knowledge and commitment remain the same. Now we are bigger and we have more capabilities to undertake global projects and accompany our customers in their expansion initiatives around the world.