Amazon Connect, the key to digitalising the customer experience


Madrileña Red de Gas has achieved more flexibility and agility when managing and configuring its contact center thanks to the implementation of Amazon Connect.

When, in 2018, Madrileña Red de Gas (MRG) decided to migrate their data center to the public cloud of Amazon Web Service (AWS), it was clear that it would be a starting point to promote new digital initiatives.

This project, key in its digital transformation, and carried out with the specialist in cloud and SAP environments, Linke, has allowed such transformation, obtaining the necessary flexibility to reduce or increase resources based on business needs and a reduction in its costs around 10%, to be able to deliver services quicker to the different business units or to speed up transactions.

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The company, created in 2010, is the third-largest gas distributor in Spain, with operations in around sixty locations in the Community of Madrid, including the capital. In total, it serves almost one million customers. 

And to strengthen the relationship with them and enhance their experience, the organization has just concluded a new cloud-based initiative to support this strategic objective: the implementation of Amazon Connect as their contact center solution in the public cloud. As a result, they have set the foundations for an omnichannel strategy and diversify its customer contact centers.

The Challenge

“Until two years ago, we had very little contact with customers, and it was the supplier companies who were in contact with them. In general, they are the first face in this sector, but we also take care of a series of processes, such as the installation, reading and maintenance of meters, and the mandatory periodic inspections, for which we are responsible", explains Héctor Morán, head of Customer Experience, Systems and Telecommunications department at MRG.


Becoming aware of this need led to a change in the company's strategy: from being "almost invisible to assuming the role of facilitator", explains the manager. One of their main projects was moving their current contact center from an outsourcing model service to the installation of a solution that would allow them to have an instant view of the relationship with the customer at all times, establishing metrics and reacting to optimized measures.

We receive around 80,000 calls a month, and we did not have the control or the ability to know in real-time what was happening. We needed to have it, to improve the customer experience, making processes more flexible, automating and increasing speed”, adds Morán.

The solution

To begin with, MRG launched a contest to integrate within its systems area both the contact center part and the interactive voice response (IVR) solutions and, in addition, implement a diversification strategy, to go from having just one contact center to three. In this sense, “we depended on one and we wanted to go for a model in which, once we have control, we can work with several suppliers. For example, for calls related to billing with one, for reading issues with another, and generating a more competitive environment between them that would result in quality for the customer and cost efficiency”, he explains.

Several proposals were received, all of them in the cloud model, which was a mandatory requirement, and the winner was the one presented by AWS with Linke, which was “innovative and based on pay-per-use approach, while the rest were quite traditional and very focused in the number of licenses and agents, and they were not aligned with our future model", he says.

In addition, Madrileña Red de Gas was looking for a partner to support them at the business level to materialize their change in customer service. "There were KPI’s defined, which included reducing call volumes, improving service quality, and although being a technological implementation, we wanted a partner who could advise us", he continues.

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The project took just over two months to complete, and that meant the improvement of IVR flows. According to the head of Customer Experience, Systems and Telecommunications, “we wanted to carry out this analysis in parallel with the project, and to start looking for the improvement of the quality of the service and the diversification of the contact centers, which implied more time. Otherwise, the project could have been completed in a month, since implementing all communication workflows is very fast”.

As part of the project, the SAP system integration was also included, since the contact center solution works directly to channel the business processes affected by each interaction with the customer within the company´s ERP.

Once the implementation has been taken into production, a process for monitoring and measuring the service has been established to achieve continuous improvement, reflected in changes and tunings to create new flows, automatisms or queues.

The Benefits

Amazon Connect offers MRG more flexibility and agility in managing and configuring the contact center.

Apart from having been able to diversify the service, the company has already been able to perceive an improvement in quality, as a result of monitoring the level of services in real time.

In addition, as Héctor Morán explains, "we have made a great transformation of the contact flows with customers", which has allowed us to promote self-service and to have our customers better informed. This means that the company can make appointments quicker, offer information in real time to know the situation of the technicians, perform meter readings with more agility or send information through different channels.

The potential of the new solution was put to the test with the confinement situation, since this technological change took place between March and April. It was then when the new agents were trained remotely, working from their homes and answered a monthly average of 120,000 calls.

According to the company, to this date they have reached service levels of 93%. They have also begun measuring the service quality via survey after calls with a CSAT of 7.8 out of 10 and have achieved 68% self-service.

MRG, has laid the foundations to offer an omnichannel strategy in the future, also see the benefits of the pay-as-you-go model, which will lead to cost savings and resource optimization.

The Future

For MRG, digital transformation is a continuous process that starts from an internal cultural change and that drives added value in each daily task and that includes, of course, customer service.

For this reason, among future developments, they will focus on greater automation through the use of RPA and bots, as well as the integration into the contact center services of new digital channels and the application of technologies such as machine learning, big data and analytics to the customer experience.

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